15 surprising turn-ons for women

15 Surprising turn-ons for women you need to know

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What really turn-on women

Most guys assume they know everything there’s to know about figuring out what turns on a lady sexually and get her fucking wet. Seriously don’t be that guy.

What these naive good guys fail to understand is women are more complex than nuclear science and hacking what turns on women is a tall order. 

Rest easy though, here are some simple things you wouldn’t have guessed are turn-ons to women that you can put to use today and see her get obsessed with you: 

Eye contact

Eye contact

This works best when in an event or a social gathering. Give her some eye contact from across the room. Smile while you’re at it. This shows that no matter where you are, you still thinking about her. This is some non-verbal communication that will set you up for some freaky action later that evening. 

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You will be surprised by the number of women who find intelligence to be a turn-on! There’s even a word for it: 

Sapiosexual – one who finds intelligence and aesthetic talents as the most attractive features in other people. 

Women know that hanging around you, Mr. Intelligent, will stimulate them to learn and improve their knowledge. Next time you are with her, first use your fingers to flip some pages, and probably you’ll be flipping some cheeks too. 

Wear glasses 

Glasses make you look intellectual, confident, and knowledgeable; all the things that turn her on. On that note, I am referring to regular glasses and not sunglasses. Glasses also frame your eyes and switch up your look. 

Ability to take life’s ups and downs 

This is the simple definition of ‘being cool’. Life has definitely got its challenges but your lady should never see you panic. Relax, assess and come up with a plan. 

Wear a watch 

Wear a watch

I get it. You can always check the time on your phone. But, there’s nothing smooth or cool about that. Taking a subtle glance at a nice, original timepiece is way smooth and allows you to be present. Ladies love a man who pays attention to detail and a watch definitely shows you take time seriously. 

Brag about her to family and friends 

This works best especially if she has a major accomplishment in her life; a promotion at work or anything you feel proud of her about.  She most definitely will find a way to show appreciation

Make her coffee in the morning 

If you get up early and do something to take care of her, then this will tell her that she did her job right the night before.  On top of that, she will definitely be impressed by your dedication, especially if she is not an early morning kind of person. 

Be a good dad 

Be a good dad

This one is for the baby daddies. Your wife/woman watching you take care of the kids shows her that you are nurturing, responsible, and a good caretaker; all the things that are appealing to her.  Trust me, this works with random women watching you with your kid in the streets. 

Apologize when wrong

No one is perfect, when you are wrong go ahead and apologize. Here’s why; a simple apology shows respect, communicates fairness and consideration of her feelings. Drop the ego and apologize, the ladies love it. 

Give her some space

Nobody likes a guy who’s got nothing else going on in his life except for being clingy with his lady. Back up a little bit, encourage her to go out with her friends. Might sound like a cliche but it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, in this case, absence makes desire increase. 

Gently direct her 

Place your hand on her back as you direct her. Do this gently in public and she will love it. First of all, she gets to feel your hand on a very very sensitive part of her body, and on top of that, she will feel the power and strength of your hand. 

Chip in on the prepping, cooking, and cleaning up on meals

It is a big turn-on if you step in and help out. Especially if it’s something she didn’t expect. You might not be the best chef but the prepping and cleaning up after will definitely turn her on. 

Share your food with her 

Sharing food

Generally, sharing anything will bring you close; literally and figuratively. It is very intimate and will turn her on. 

Be present 

There are many distractions every single day. Listen to her, engage her in conversations and make her feel like a priority in your life. Be involved and take time to listen. That will definitely go a long way with your lady. 

Grey pants 

Grey pants on a man are the Nim Notty equivalent of leggings and yoga pants on women. From my extensive research, grey sweatpants do frame your attributes in a very good way, if you know what I mean. 

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