Need a Sugar Mama? 6 Best Places and 4 Sure Tips to Getting Her 1

Need a Sugar Mama? 6 Best Places and 4 Sure Tips to Getting Her

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Where and How to Find a Sugar Mama

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Meeting older women might be challenging for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you don’t come across many mature women in your daily life. Perhaps you haven’t been in the dating scene long and haven’t yet found your bearings. Perhaps you’re just shy around admirable women.

If any of these challenges are hindering you from fulfilling your desires with an older woman, then this article is for you. Find out the six best places to find a sugar mama and four top tips on how to pick her. I have been with several women older than me, and I can assure you that what I am about to share with you will give you power over women your age.

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Need a Sugar Mama? 6 Best Places and 4 Sure Tips to Getting Her 2

Where Can I Find a Sugar Mama?

If you need an older woman, your first challenge might be where to Find her. Most of these women are undoubtedly busy, and they aren’t hanging around with a sign on their forehead screaming, “Hey! Why don’t you ask me out now that I’m here?” That would be far too simple.

To meet older women dating younger guys (or men their own age), you have to put yourself in their shoes and execute your search correctly. Make the most of your time by visiting my favorite sites listed below!

Upscale Coffee Shops

One of my favorite spots to find sugar mamas is in high-end coffee shops. If you have a Starbucks, Java, or any of these kinds in your city, go there very early in the morning. This is where the senior business women will be before heading to their regular workplace. The best time to get her there is in the morning and evening hours.

Keep checking for a few days (but don’t lurk!) to see what kinds of women frequently visit the spot. Simply bring a magazine or your laptop to avoid appearing suspicious or obvious. Remember that you are most likely not the only one looking! After a few days of watching, you might notice a woman who comes in frequently and try to strike up a discussion with her. Take it easy. Then make the initial move on the elder lady you see.

Online Dating Sites

If you’re a busy guy looking for the quickest and most efficient way to meet a lot of single older girls, try online dating, specifically older women’s dating sites. Many women have shifted their dating habits and have practically ditched standard ways of meeting men in favor of using dating websites to meet men.

Mid- to High-end Grocery Stores

Having a routine of strolling around your local grocery store without headphones is an ideal way to broaden your choices. Most women go to the grocery store once a week.

Study the best time to go grocery shopping in your town: when stores are busiest and when most women conduct their shopping after work.

You can easily spark up a conversation at the grocery store by just asking the woman a question about the item they’re looking at. A low-risk opening that is simple to execute It is much easier to meet older ladies when you know what to expect.

Restaurants, bars, and lounges

Sugar Mamas, just like their younger counterparts, are flocking to bars as a location to meet single men. What you look for will determine where you go! Do you desire a serious relationship, or are you just testing the waters to see if dating a lady who is older than you is something you want to do? Do you want a quick hook-up and a one-night stand? Is a night of delightful sex on your agenda? Or would you rather approach a woman in a pub and see what happens?

A sexy gaze your way, especially in such a private setting, is an invitation to make the first move. If you’re not into clubs, wine bars are the way to go. First, try out the popular bars in these categories and see how they work. Every night is unique, with a varied mix of men and women.

Gym and Yoga Classes

Every town has a gym or Yoga place, so join one and go there every day to work out. These establishments are noted for having diverse customers of all ages. It’s also a perfect chance to show off your, uh, physical abilities that could leave older men in the dust.

Older women looking for younger guys, in particular, desire to stay in shape by spending an hour or two a few days a week at the gym. If you’re in good shape, you may even offer to help her with her workouts. Compliment her and tell her she looks fantastic!

You can learn a lot just by asking minor inquiries, like how frequently she comes there. What machines seem to function better than others, and how long has she been a member? Casual stuff, you know. You can even pretend you know nothing about working out and ask her if she has any recommendations or if she would be happy to give you some instructions. Look for her the next time you walk in and ask if she wants to have a drink (or coffee) afterward.


In my experience, mature women often frequent parks for serenity, meditation, and relaxation. You can do this by frequently visiting a nice park in your city. You will notice a number of women visiting the park as well, and this can be a great spot for you to pick on them. It gets much easier if you have a dog. Mature ladies enjoy seeing a young man walking his dog, and she may strike up an interaction with you—especially if she has her own dog.

Dog parks are particularly advantageous for this because all of the dog owners normally wait around chatting for fifteen or twenty minutes while their pups exercise. It’s a fairly easy and casual way to start a discussion with an attractive woman, especially if you’re not very good at starting conversations.

If she is interested in you, you should know within minutes of meeting her. Take the hint if she brushes you off. If you press it, you might get arrested for…stalking or something! If you make the first move, a sexy older woman looking for younger men will usually be very open about it, so don’t push too hard if you don’t detect any desire.

Need a Sugar Mama? 6 Best Places and 4 Sure Tips to Getting Her 3

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How to Pick Up Older Women When You Meet Them

Holding a conversation with older women can make you nervous because they may have experiences or expectations that you’re not used to. But here, you will find everything you need to know about approaching an older woman, from making a good impression to moving forward to getting laid or having a serious relationship.

Be confident in your approach.

Most guys fumble at this because of self-doubt or fear of rejection. An older woman knows who she is, and she admires a guy who knows who he is, no matter the age difference. Make use of positive body language, like standing tall, speaking up to her while maintaining eye contact, and having a simple smile, to portray your confident side.

One of my simplest ways of opening a conversation is with a polite hello accompanied by a simple introduction. After introducing yourself, hit her with “So what are you up to?” From this, you can read her mood and gauge if she’s open to a deeper conversation. If she’s not open for discussion, just say, “I admired you from afar and thought that maybe I could say hello. Sorry, though, I hope you take it as a compliment.” She will most likely give it a second thought and be open to interaction. Get to know her and why she’s there. Pro Tip: Avoid saying negative things about yourself.

Keep the Conversation Going.

I don’t know what works for you, but asking open-ended questions keeps the conversation going with almost everyone (including strangers). I recommend you try this on mature women. With that said, you have to be thoughtful, mature, and articulate in the discussion.

You need to be well versed in matters of politics, world news, business, and pretty much anything that’s on trend. Be sure to have your own opinion on these matters, and don’t be afraid to open up about yourself. For instance, talk about your experiences, memories, and aspirations. She’s more likely to open up when you do. Avoid topics that may make you sound young and immature, like video games and following up on TV shows.

One of my best conversational cues is saying something like “I love to try different restaurants, and I hope to do more than 25 different restaurants before the year ends. I think my favorite restaurants would be in the countryside. Escaping city life once in a while isn’t bad at all. What about you?”

Notice the opening up and the cue to let her open up? That was simple, wasn’t it?

Understand Her Body Language.

Most women will tell you a lot more about what they’re thinking through their body language than they will through their words. The way they sit, how they look at you, and how they touch you are all important signs of how things are going between you two.

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Keep it Playful, but Make a Direct Approach.

Before any woman will consider moving you past the friend zone, she must love being around you. Teasing, flirting, and joking are all excellent methods to lighten the mood and ensure that you both have a good time. You don’t want to be delivering jokes all the time; instead, make things lighthearted.

When you notice everything is in line, then it’s time to hit the nail on the head. Give a statement of intent without fear of failure or condemnation. Both men and women like a man who is prepared to take a risk, even if the odds aren’t in his favor.

You’ll have a lot more success with women than the average guy who stalls at “sure thing” when you create a habit of asking for her number, asking her out, or offering to take her home on a regular basis.

That’s it, gentlemen. The ball is now at your feet, gentlemen. Go out to find that sugar mama you’ve always wanted, and thank me later after putting the knowledge in this article into practice. Remember, the more you approach it, the better you become at it.


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