How to be a Certified Side Chick 

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How to be a Certified Side Chick 

No one no longer raises eyebrows at the mention of side chicks. Ladies, if you do your job right, then your man might not need a side chick. 

Shoot Nim Notty for this but just as the sauce accompanies fries at a meal, a side chick accompanies a wife or a main girlfriend. 

However, being a side chick is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some of the rules on How to be a Certified Side Chick: 

  • You have to know what to expect 

It is important to keep the relationship as much of a secret as possible. Only you and your partner should know about the relationship. Avoid tagging them on social media, inviting them to holiday gatherings or vacations, however tempting it gets. 

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  • Let Him breathe 

We get it. All girls need some fair amount of attention, but in this case, only main bae/wife can demand the kind of attention she needs. Give him space, don’t always be the first to text him or seek him out. Do not stalk him either. 

  • Cut to the chase 

There’s no time to play hard-to-get. This means either you give him some lovin or you’re out. One important rule that you must understand is that you are not going to be courted. 

  • Be clean and filthy 

An oxymoron right there, but generally quite simple. You have got to look clean but get dirty. And by that, I mean in bed. Your job is to please him and make him keep coming back for you. 

Always Dress To Kill

  • Always dress to kill 

Why are you hanging around him in PJs? You have got to exude positive vibes and always look your best. You are the one that should be in the sexiest outfit, with lipgloss popping at all times. 

  • Never leave evidence

Your thong, lipstick, perfume, and even your strand of hair don’t belong in his house or car. Women are keen to detail and even a speck of chipped nail polish that isn’t her shade will get her suspicious. 

  • Go with the flow 

Be prepared for lots of changes in plans. Never take it personally and don’t make a big fuss about it. Just wait for the spur-of-the-moment escapes when he actually can. 

  • Don’t demand money 

Obviously, this is a no-brainer. He is going to give you money(unless he is a miser, which means you have got to move on) 

Kindly do not send any gold-digger signals his way. Be smart about it, there is a way for asking for money without asking for money. All you got to do is fill the relationship with fire and desire. 

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  • Avoid drama 

You are his best distraction, his escape. Don’t get dramatic or else you will get replaced. Avoid digging up information about the main as well as showing up in her favorite hangout places. 

  • Never fall in love 

It is natural to develop feelings for someone you are having a romantic relationship with. Focus! Try to keep your feelings right to avoid drama, heartache, and scandals. 


Being a side chick can take a toll on you. Be prepared to leave your emotions out of the equation. Always remember that there is no guarantee that you will end up being the main. 

Just relax, have fun, follow the rules and become a Certified Side Chick 


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