{VIDEO) Here is why some Women value Money over Love 1

{VIDEO) Here is why some Women value Money over Love

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What love got to do with it?

They say money makes the world go round and not even love can stop it.

It doesn’t matter how handsome you are if you don’t have money, you don’t stand a chance in some women’s eyes.

You can call them gold diggers and all the names you can think of but some women just value Money Over Love, that is the bitter pill to swallow.

Here are a few reasons why some Women value money over love.

She believes that men should take care of women

There are women out there who subscribe to the school of thought that your money is ours but her money is hers and hers alone so it’s not surprising if she chooses money over love, that is just who she is.

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She wants the softer life

Unless you are Mother Theresa nobody wants to suffer in the name of love so some women just want a softer life. 

Nothing gets them more excited than the thought of going on vacations to exotic Islands, dining in the best restaurants to swimming in money literally so when a broke man hits on them they run for the hills and you can’t blame them can you?

She believes money buys happiness

Some women believe It’s better to cry in a RangeRover than to smile on a bicycle. While they may not be the happiest human beings on earth at least they can afford the daily joys of life so that’s why they end up valuing money over love.



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