Stamina! How your sex drive changes over the years as you age

Reading Time: 3 minutes Say my name! King of the sheets One minute you were unstoppable! You would go all night pounding, pushing and slamming that sweet sweet pussy. You were the king of … Read More

The Settler or The Reacher: Which one are you in a relationship and what’s the damn difference?

Reading Time: 4 minutes So which side of your relationship is buttered? One of the biggest lies in relationships is that both partners are equal and therefore equally control the relationship. I am sorry … Read More

Sababu 8 Zinazofanya Wanawake Watanzania Kupendwa sana na Wanaume

Reading Time: 4 minutes Utamu wa Wanawake Watanzania Je ushawahijiuliza mbona wanaume wengi haswa Afrika ya Mashariki huwapendelea sana wanawake watanzania? Uchunguzi unabaini ya kwamba, saba kati ya wanaume kumi nchini Kenya, wanatamani kuwa … Read More

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