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10 Signs an Older Single Woman is Interested in You

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Cougars and Toyboys

Cougars have been on the dating scene since time immemorial and one thing is for sure, they will be here long after you die. If you doubt me just ask the ‘Material Girl’.  While the Queen of Pop is not the first woman nor will be the last to fuck a man young enough to be her son she holds the crown for mind-boggling age gaps in relationships between herself and her lovers.

Nowadays, the sight of a cougar hand in hand with her toy boy has become so common that it no longer raises eyebrows. So as a dashing, hot and young man full of testosterone and a trail of heartbroken damsels on your path how can you know if you are in the sights of a cougar?

First things first

Hold on your horses’ son! You might have heard that the best way to get a woman’s attention is to ignore her. Well, if you mean those college girls who are still green then you are right but a cougar is a whole different kettle of fish altogether. If you want to die with memories and not dreams and are actually thinking of actualizing that fantasy with an older single woman then you have to do a little more than just act aloof.

Here is the biggest key difference; older women are more mature and disciplined when flirting with men than young girls. A cougar could be into you because of a failed relationship in her past or the fact that she just loves some young energy. Whatever the case, here are some Nim Notty signs that she is very much interested in you, young stunna; 

  • Avoids other young guys to flirt with you 

She unapologetically shuts them out and focuses attention on you. This is one way for her to get your attention. She wants you to reciprocate. Is she close to you? Is she comfortable around you? Does she seem to direct most of her questions or comments to you? Well, she definitely digs you.

  • Checks out your social media profiles and messages you 

Social media

Dating apps and hookup websites are becoming more and more acceptable as time goes by and older women are no exception. One fantastic thing about older women is that they tend to be very direct. If she wants to talk to you, then she will.  

  • Finds excuses to casually bump into you

Whatever form it takes, she just wants to join in on the fun things you are doing. It could be in the digital sense; regularly liking or commenting on your socials, or it could also be in the literal sense; bumping into you at the bar you guys met earlier that week. 

  • Seeks your approval 

Of course, she is a grown-ass woman, and asking you for your approval doesn’t mean she is insecure; she just cares about what you think. Could be anything, for example, how she is dressed or maybe her new perfume. 

Seeks approval

  • Regularly offers assistance

Could be helping out with the type of clothes you like buying or helping you calm down after a disagreement at work. She is directly involved in what you are up to and wants to be a part of it. 

  • Tells you outright 

Like I stated earlier, older women are very direct. So don’t you dare miss the ‘subtle’ sign when she says you are hot or else it’s bad news for you. 

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  • Wants to be alone with you 

Probably you smoke and she doesn’t. If she follows you to go smoke or probably offers to pick you up on your way to an event, then she must really like being alone with you. She wants you guys to chat freely and away from prying eyes. 

  • Response to casual comments 

Does she give an ‘oh no!’ to your stories or does she actually invest in the conversation? The difference should clearly tell you she likes you. 

  • Picks up phrases and words that you use 

If she starts picking up your phrases and words, then definitely you’ve been spending some time together. That’s not the only fact;  she has actually been paying attention to you, enough to add new words to her vocabulary. 

  • Traditional signs of interest 

  • Deliberate eye-contact 
  • Finding reasons to touch you
  • Physically moving closer to you 
  • Initiating sexual conversations 

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A cougar is very direct and this means that these signs could also be much stronger. Rather than a glance, she might just stare at you and smirk.  If you are a shy boy, keep off! 


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