How to Spot a Man Who Loves Older Women: 9 Signs and Traits You Need to Know

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The Secrets of Men Who Fancy Older Women: What They Think, Feel, and Want

Nim Notty Loves a hot MILF and so do you! Older Women have challenged the norms and are now getting the attention of young men who opt for their charm, experience, and seduction.

Older women are often overlooked and underestimated in our society. They know who they are, what they want, and how to get it. They have lived through many challenges and successes, and have learned valuable lessons along the way. No wonder some men find them very attractive. But who are these guys who’d want to bang a hot MILF? What are their traits? Well, let’s find out;


Men who crave older women are often more mature and sophisticated than their age-mates. They can easily navigate through complicated scenarios, and can also express their desires and emotions in a much more satisfying way.

Have a Fun and Playful Nature

No way you getting in that hot Milf panty while being a boring nerd and not giving off that energetic vibe around her.

Make sure you can make her giggle because every woman adores a man with a great sense of humor. Help her to see the bright side of things when she’s feeling low.

This will make her feel younger and more radiant when she’s with you, and this feeling is addictive.


These men radiate self-assurance and competence and are not scared of dating someone who is older than them. They are often at ease with their own body and are able to convey that confidence to others as well. The way we talk, smile, laugh and walk oozes confidence that makes that older woman wet!


Quite controversial, since one may point out that older women are independent and don’t need anything more than looks and good dick from a young man. Well contrary to that opinion, Older Women are more attracted to a man who has freedom and is not shy to follow his own dreams and passions. They are happy being by themselves but also love sharing their time with others. This makes them yearn for older women who have a free-spirited personality.


These men embrace new adventures and insights. They are often curious to learn from others and are not bound by narrow-minded views or stereotypes. They aren’t threatened by older women’s opinions.

Emotionally Intelligent

Men who are drawn to older women are frequently emotionally intelligent and skilled at navigating difficult relationships and emotions. They have the capacity for empathy and are attentive to the needs and feelings of others. They have a great capacity for understanding without being overly judgmental.


These men show respect and care for their partners and treat them with gentleness and thoughtfulness. They appreciate mutual respect and understanding and are ready to deal with issues and conflicts in a positive and mature way. They don’t avoid resolving fights and arguments. Help around with some chores in her house or do your own chores, this will get her twerking like she is in her 20s.

Never Kiss and Tell

Real Men don’t kiss and tell. Older women cherish their privacy. They face enough of the social judgment surrounding them wanting to date younger men (or even date at all). So they despise it when men simply treat them as some sort of cougar fucking competition.

You might be younger than her, but she still expects a certain level of maturity and respect from you. That means you shouldn’t spill all the secrets of your sex life to your friends or colleagues.

High Sex Drive

Less experienced younger guys actively seek out older women. They think a more experienced woman would be more willing to indulge their desires and perhaps even teach them a few important tips. According to studies, older women tend to fuck better than their younger counterparts. Men with a high sex drive want to explore and only a mature woman knows what she wants and how she wants it.

Hard sex drive with my b. brother. Sexy cherry


Men who crave older women should know that older women have a clear vision of what they want. Maybe that means a steamy hookup or something more meaningful. But she will likely let you know either way

MilfFetish: The Secrets of Older Women’s Seduction and How to Learn From Them

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