Why Older Men Make the Best Partners for Younger Women 1

Why Older Men Make the Best Partners for Younger Women

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It Seems Vintage Is The New Norm. Older Men are Winning!

There is a new phenomenon that is making waves. Older men are bagging the slim-thick cuties. To some people, it seems atypical and to others, it is a déjà vu. More and more girls are going old school. Nowadays it is rare to find a girl who has not had or isn’t in a romantic experience with a man old enough to be her father and even to some hilarious extent, a man who can easily pass for her grandfather.

Romance has become like fashion, the younger the person the older the attire, and vice versa. What is intriguing even more is whether it is the older men who are going for the younger women or it is the younger lasses who have developed a high affinity for the older fellows. 

You pop in one of those social places in town and you can easily mistake it for a dad-daughter day out. On any given fine weekend, one easily spots at least one or two pairs of old-man-young-girl lovers enjoying sumptuous meals in a restaurant or sipping on expensive drinks in a bar.

No one is complaining though. So long as the girl has attained the age of majority, the discretion to choose whomever she pleases is legally hers. Nevertheless, one wonders what the future holds for her male counterparts. Could this trend be disastrous in the future? 

By observing what happens in the wilderness among wild animals, perhaps it is not faulty to say that it could portend despair and hopelessness among young men. In the animal kingdom, especially among lions, when young males feel disadvantaged, they gang up against the older males and fight to take over and control the territories. It is not going to be any different among human beings.

One can easily say that this should not be an issue since even young men can also date older women making it a draw. However, what people forget is that one of the greatest aspirations of young men as it were, is to leave behind a DNA legacy. Presumably, older men have an advantage. For instance, they can still sire kids with these younger women as opposed to a younger man dating an older woman.

Even so, every phenomenon has either a scientific or a mere sociological explanation. One of these sociological explanations is the mating pattern. Apparently, mating patterns depend on economic and social factors. Economic factors include wealth, job opportunities, poverty, liquid cash, etc., while social factors are things such as freedom of expression, freedom of association, law, peer pressure, media influence, and so forth.

Reasons For Older-Men-Younger-Women Relationship

These factors in this changing world, prepare the way for this trend. It is highly likely that younger women see older men as the package that fulfills almost all of their desires. In all probability, older men are much more endowed with possessions than younger men. An older man who goes for a younger woman has almost everything in place. The few things that are scattered, a younger woman can overlook. If he can provide for her financially, he can impregnate her, he can keep her company- then she can make do without other elements such as the youth swag, youth agility, etc.

Financial security

Older men

It is as if financial security is the new Viagra among younger women. Without your guaranteeing her monetary stability, she cannot be horny for you. The wealthier the man, the more appealing he is to these young women.

Less work, more time

It is also clear that older men have fewer problems to worry about, whereas younger men have a greater deal of mental preoccupation. Most younger women nowadays prefer starting a relationship on a slate filled with happiness, hope, and security, among other easy life aspects. Their mantra is “You Only Live Once” or “Life Is Short”. The current crop of young women is impatient and does not have time for rehearsals. So, older men are a ready package.

Daddy, with the sugar

Interpersonal relationship skills and experience are also other factors that pull younger women to older men. It is believed that older men treat their more youthful women with a fatherly approach. They pamper them the way would their daughters. They provide guidance that keeps the younger women even more glued to them.

No drama

 As a further matter, older men tend to lead a life of less drama. The quietude with which they approach issues is indeed another magnetic factor. They are calmer than younger men during domestic conflicts. They apply a lot of logical and critical thinking when resolving differences with their better halves.


Perhaps the trend will only stop when the wind of all good things of life blows the way of younger men- if not, then they will have to stomach the reality.

In a nutshell, older men offer a safe haven for young women who do not have time for sequential growth or who overlook the process. These younger women belong to the “The End Justifies The Means” category.

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