Secrets women don't want men to know

Here are 6 secrets women don’t want you to know

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The cat is out of the bag

They say women come from Venus and men come from Mars no wonder that gender is always vexing about one thing or another. What’s even more frustrating is that the book on ‘how to understand women’ is yet to be written so men are fucked.

Well, not for long. Women, often considered “the Mysterious Sex,” will now be a bit less mysterious thanks to yours truly. Women are pretty sneaky so of course, they do not want you to know these naughty little secrets but the cat is finally out of the bag. It goes without saying that there are many more secrets since women are complicated creatures, but here are a few secrets Nim Notty has uncovered: 

  • Monkey-Branching

Ever figured why, even after a relationship, a woman does not stay alone for long? This is what they do- Monkey Branching. In a literal sense, it means jumping from tree to tree. In this case, however, it’s simply jumping from dick to dick. She has a whole line-up of replacements by the time you finally stop simping and let her go. Funny enough, you might know these fuckers because they are ‘her friends’ or probably you will get a surprise wondering when or where she was seeing this new guy that just showed up for the first time. 

  • Hypergamy 

This is common as ‘marrying up’- Happens when a woman marries a spouse because of their higher social status. Hence, Cardi B’s popular catchphrase, ‘broke niggas don’t deserve no p***y’. This is a secret she doesn’t want you to know because you will call her a ‘gold digger’. Women say they don’t care about the money but truth is that she would dare not date a guy earning less money than her.  

  • Women Cheat

She feels like the most loyal woman you’ve ever met, but here’s the thing; she could be a slut( a woman with a man’s morals) and would do sneaky shit right under your nose and you would never figure it out, you love-struck dummy! She doesn’t want you to know this, but she is just like you. She will fuck around when she wants to, just as much as you do. 

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  • Women get bored faster than men 

I am not divorced, yet. But one thing I know for sure is that approximately 70% of divorces are started by women. She might not file for it but she will find a way to get you to do it. Notice how she’s getting complacent in the relationship. Where the hell did that stained faded shirt come from when she goes to bed! And yes, she’s also got that ‘old mama’ scarf on her head, and she ain’t clocked 40 yet. Freshen up the relationship, keep her excited and on her toes. Show her she still has got competition and just play your part. If it still doesn’t work, bro, you are doomed. 

This happens most when she is ovulating. From extensive Nim Notty research, I advise you not to let her go out alone during this delicate period. She could get very tempted and could just go for it. 

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  • Women like to chase

As much as she is convinced that she is ‘the prize’, women do like a chase that brings value into the man she wants. A married man is more tempting to her than a single guy. Getting a man when it’s easy means she won’t care about the relationship. But if she worked hard at getting you, it makes the whole difference 


Nothing captures a woman’s heart quite like a good man who wants to be a better man. Nim Notty has just spilled the beans but there’s more to women than I know. However, I believe you now know that you should always expect the unexpected from women, the ‘Mysterious sex’. 


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