Types of Women You Should Only Date Once You Hit 30

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Have you ever wondered what type of woman is suitable or unsuitable for a man who has hit thirty years and is ready to settle down? There are definitely many attributes that men look for in women that they would wish to settle down with or just enjoy time with. The degree of importance differs from one man to the other, meaning there are no universally coded attributes that every man should follow and if not perish when settling on a woman for a long-lasting relationship. What one man considers ratchety, another man deems top of the criterion. We say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Be that as it may, common sense, which again is not common to everyone, dictates that certain attributes if ignored, spell doom in the long run.

Before I outline the types of women a man who has reached the third floor should date, let me first ask men at this age a very important question. At thirty years, do you want to date for the purpose of dating or do you want to date with the sole objective of finding a perfect match to settle down with? Anyhow, dating is dating whether it is for marriage or otherwise. Now the most important aspect of this conversation is the age factor. At thirty you most probably have enjoyed all the intricacies that relationships offer, and if you are serious about your personal progress, you realize that time to bask in the glory of your youth is quickly on the wane.

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To avoid a long and intricate debate about the purpose of dating whether it is for marriage, amusement or pastime, I would wish to singularly focus on a man at thirty years of age who is looking for a woman to settle down with. It is going to be easy this way. You reckon that a woman for marriage is someone special, and should be sought with the utmost precision. This is someone who is gonna provide an environment either to make or break the slate on which you lay your most important goals in your life. Every man harbors certain opinions about what is considered the best stimuli for a prosperous marriage. Let us take a critical look at some of them.

#1 Only Date a Woman who is secure

At this age, your network of friends is somewhat a force to reckon with, in many aspects of your life, including work and business. If you are a businessman, you have loyal customers, especially women who address you by all sweet names, like, let’s say, darling, sweetheart, dear, and so forth and may actually call you frequently to inquire about the availability of products, services, raise a  complaint or make a compliment. If you are working, you have a host of colleagues, who have developed a strong bond with you, and their occasional intrusions into your life may not augur well with a jealous woman who sees this as a threat to the attention she receives from you. Quite important also is the family aspect. You must have heard all the narratives about family and your private affairs. You need to be careful, would you rather break ties with your family and get hitched to a woman whose future with you is not even cast in stone? Or would you rather stand your ground and ask her not to worry about your family?

#2. Only date a woman who is genuine

In other terms, she is organic about her intentions with you. A woman for you at this age should be honest with you to a fault. Some of you may want to know how possible it is to measure a woman’s honesty. I know it may be difficult sometimes with women, especially those who are experts at concealing their organic selves. Nevertheless, I want to assume that, at this age, with all the dating intricacies you have gone through, you have somehow developed a good knack for logical and critical thinking. You should be able to develop a good analytics slate upon which you can measure the level of her honesty. Try her with very important aspects of finances, and her list of friends. Can she tell you how much she earns or is hoarding in savings accounts? Can she prove it with a payslip or bank statement? If a woman can give you access to her nakedness free of charge, why should her money be taboo to see?

How about her friends? Is there anyone among them who is hitting on her? Does she have friends with benefits or are all friends purely friends. Is her ex or all her exes still in touch? Can she prove that she completely moved on? Can she allow you to access her phone and read all the incoming and outgoing messages? Is she comfortable with your receiving calls on her behalf? If she is at ease with this, then that is the right woman for you at that age.

#3. Only date a wise woman

She must be a beacon of wisdom. A Proverbs 31 woman.For example Prov. 31:26 says,

 “ She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” Your woman should be wise and intelligent. She inspires wise and intelligent conversions and approaches to issues. Time for a blond or bimbo is already gone by. A beautiful woman without wisdom and intelligence is an eyesore, whereas a wise and intelligent woman is a beauty in the hearts of many men. Even much better is a beautiful and wise or intelligent woman. That combination is a lethal weapon against boredom and trouble.

#4. Only date an ambitious woman

Settle on a woman who is already ambitious for herself and is willing to help you as well conquer your ambitions. If she is ambitious about what she does, believe me, she will be ambitious enough to make sure she has the best relationship with you. She will aim much higher, to stay afloat, and be that woman you always yearn to be with. Her goals will drive you to reach the pinnacle of your success. It is said that an ambitious woman shows herself to be a troublesome disturber of the world, powerful to make small things great, and great monstrous.

#5. Only date a woman you are sure of

She needs to be consistent. You need to know what makes her tick or tip. She needs not to be someone who waivers a great deal. An unwavering woman is an iron lady; she is principled and focused. A woman who oscillates between consistency and inconsistency creates a worrying trend. It is not easy to amuse an inconsistent woman. An inconsistent woman will switch between love partners, operating from where she deems convenient.

#6. Only date a woman with a humane Heart.

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler. I once told my ex-woman that I had been involved in an accident but surprisingly she acted like I had told her something very trivial. An empathetic woman is like a night nurse, who nurses you in the lonely wards at night, where superstition reigns supreme about illnesses reaching their epic level. A night nurse assures you that she is by your bedside and you will surely see the morning come. That kind of assurance makes you sleep and forget the nightly pains. There is a reason it is said that men or husbands are babies, and their women are mothers. Comforting you after a terrible mishap, makes you spring back again, with great hope and agility.

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