Teachers ditch chalks for dicks and men are now taking their lessons seriously

#SSS: Teachers ditch chalks for dicks and men are now taking their lessons seriously

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From Classrooms to Lodgings

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit hard millions of workers across the globe. Many businesses have come to a standstill as governments impose one lock dock after another in a desperate attempt to contain the spread of the deadly virus. Schools have not been spared either and in Uganda, the government has ordered all schools to be closed.

A man/woman must live and teachers are no exception

With schools closed, many teachers have been left jobless surviving from hand to mouth. In the southern Uganda districts of Rakai, Lwengo and Masaka, some teachers have been pushed to the brink forcing them to take up jobs some would never dream of ever doing.

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Private school teachers are now organizing private lessons with clients

Among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 lockdown and schools closed are private school teachers. Unlike their counterparts in government schools who continue to receive their salaries, those in private schools have been left with no means.

According to Simon Kafeero, one of the local leaders in the Rakai district,  teachers in private schools stopped getting their salaries in April 2020.

Since then, Simon says most of the teachers are living miserable lives.

Its either sex work or gambling and doing odd jobs for peanuts

Some teachers have since resorted to gambling and doing odd jobs in villages to make ends meet.  However, with jobs hard to come by some female teachers are now working as sex workers.

”Many female teachers are now working as sex workers in the towns and trading centers so that they get some money to look after themselves and members of their families,” said Kafeero.

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The male teachers on the other hand have resorted to making bricks, working in people’s farms and doing other manual jobs to earn a living.

Students are giving teachers a run for their money-making pussies

It’s not only teachers who are spreading their thighs in order to survive Covid-19. With schools closed students too are finding new ways to keep themselves busy. Girls aged 13 to 18 In Uganda are now competing with seasoned sex workers for the few men still able to pay for sex due to the scarcity of money caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Some of the schoolgirls even have the audacity to go to the same spots where mature sex workers have been operating from leading to catfights breaking out.

It’s not, only Uganda, however, where the sex industry is attracting a new crop of players. In the United Kingdom, the number of students turning to sex work is rising by the day.

Statistics from Save The Student, an organization that provides free, impartial advice to students on how to make their money go further, shows the percentage of those considering sex or adult work in the United Kingdom has nearly doubled compared with last year.

Men are dutifully attending their adult lessons without fail

Back to Uganda, Since the female school teachers traded chalks for dicks men in the area are now a happy lot.

One of the men who claim to have so far slept with three such female teachers identified as Rasta Bob says men clients can’t get enough of them. 

”They are making a reasonable amount of money from selling themselves because most men feel proud of buying and sleeping with them.”

He added that some sleep with as many as five men in a day.

We have no option but offer sex lessons

A female teacher who shifted to sex work, name withheld, says all is not rosy but current circumstances don’t give them many options.

”Can you imagine I have to sell myself in order to survive? It is terrible but I had no alternative.”

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