Corona Virus/COVID-19 Effect on Escorts

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Corona Virus/ COVID-19 effect on Escorts

Lust is one issue that knows no boundaries or laws. A horny man or woman can travel hundreds of kilometers to get a bonking, whether it is from a husband, boyfriend, or hooker. Escorts have always been the solution to lots of people, and this saves them from having to move miles to engage in quality sex. The internet laid down a foundation for escorts to offer their services to horny men and women from the comfort of their homes or location. However, there has been one menace that has disrupted how you shall get rid of blue balls and cobwebs, COVID-19!

COVID-19 has affected all industries

COVID-19 has had a significant impact across the world. These past few months have been crucial in attempting to mitigate and contain the virus, however, by the time of writing this article, scientists and medics across the globe are still working on finding a treatment for the virus. Corona virus has had a significant impact on several industries, as well as the stock markets, but when it comes to escorts work such as escorts in Africa, things are still things aren’t looking great. Nonetheless, escorts across the globe are also being affected, and this does not only mean in Africa.

No kissing, erotic massages or any sensual body contact as a result of COVID-19!

For men or women seeking French kisses, erotic massages or sensual body contacts, this is now very dangerous, and you can end up having less then a month to live if your body fails in fighting off the deadly virus once infected! This means that one simple kiss can be your last quality time! For a majority of escorts across the world, this is going to become a potentially adverse outcome for their business. The COVID-19 seems like it’s going to stick around for some time.

The COVID-19 is said that it is genetically related to SARS though more dangerous and deadly. With SARs which affected only 29 countries, it was contained after nearly eight months beginning November 2002 till July 2003! For most people within the escort industry, clients are canceling some of their appointments, and this has led to losing bookings with each new day.

Best Options for Escorts to Satisfy their Clients’ Needs

Despite some escorts opting to purchase thermal scanners and using hand sanitizers, this does not guarantee their safety in the long run as there will still involve some touching and kissing as the sex becomes more pleasurable. This will mean that these cute girls and handsome men will have to increase their costs to cater for sanitizers, and the looming question is, will their clients be ready to pay the extra money? With more than 5,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Africa and the numbers expected to grow. The only option for most hobbyists is to resort to stimulating oneself as they view the pictures of their favorite escort.

However, for the escorts, this should not bring own your hopes to make some money or entertain your clients during this period. You have a chance to diversify your trade and start sending your clients some porn videos, erotic pictures, phone sex, and live WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom, and IMO video sex. This shall help you to overcome the challenges brought about by having one-on-one contact with your clients.

To all our escorts on EXOTIC KENYA, EXOTIC UGANDA, EXOTIC TANZANIA, EXOTIC GHANA, EXOTIC NIGERIA, and EXOTIC AFRICA, we would like to request you to adhere to your respective government directives and stay safe during this time. Just like time, COVID-19 will come to pass by, and you shall get to do what you love.



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