Celebrity popular crushes that went viral in Tanzania

Popular celebrity crushes that went viral in Tanzania

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Yes, we all know that its possible for a superstar to be ‘crushed on’ by their fans. Stories of fans going to extraordinary lengths and giving up almost everything they have in the name of love for celebrities is too common all over the world and not any different in our region.

Superstars, celebrities and popular figures have crushes too if anything more than us ordinary folks. Here are just a few popular celebrity crushes that went viral in Tanzania.

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Ebhitoke for Ben Pol

Ebhitoke for Ben Pol

Annastazia Exavery, a very popular female comedian in Tanzania a.k.a Ebitoke confessed in almost all her media interviews of her crush for Ben Pol, a popular RnB singer from the capital city, Dodoma and has hit songs like Sophia, nikikupata, Number one fan and Moyo mashine. in one such interview with #timesfm radio Ebitoke cried on air and admitted Ben pol was the first man to get her love and sex.

She went ahead and said she was willing to get married to Ben Pol. On his interview with EATV (kikaangoni), Ben pol later said their relationship was the creation of the media.

“If (she) has been accepted by everyone, like millions of people, who am I to decline?.”

The two got together but their relationship ended a few months later before Ben Pol met Anerlisa Muigai, a Kenyan beauty and Keroche company heiress and CEO of Nero Company in 2018. The two tied the knot a year later and married in a private ceremony in 2020.

Dogo Janja and Irene uwoya

Dogo Janja and Irene uwoya

When Dogo Janja was still struggling to make a name for himself in the Tanzanian music scene he made a rare confession.

In an interview he was asked what was his biggest wish in life and he opened his heart;  he wished for a good life that involved taking flights, driving expensive cars and being popular and finally marring the woman of his dreams Irene uwoya, a Tanzanian actress, producer and entrepreneur.

A few years later and his wish came true. He became popular and made good money, took flights but only one thing remained; marrying uwoya. The star would later secretly hook up with Irene and the two got married.

The marriage didn’t last and the two love birds broke up two years ago. Their break up shock the whole East Africa who until then had been in the dark about their union. Social media in-laws went online and vented for weeks.

Otile Brown and wema sepetu

Celebrity popular crushes that went viral in Tanzania In his interview with EATV, Kenyan sensational singer Otile Brown came clean on his crush for Tanzanian women but one woman in particular – Wema Sepetu. The imaginary love hit maker divulged he was ready to date the former Miss Tanzania despite the long list of men she has dated. He went on and added he would do anything just to date her including being a “spare tyre”.

He further disclosed that he didn’t even mind accepting Ali Kiba as their ” Shem”.

A year later, Otile Brown released a new song titled – this kind of love – which the press claimed was a dedication to Wema Sepetu and that a facetime video of the singer singing to her crush via Face time app was featured.

Diva the bawse and Ali Kiba

Diva the bawse and Ali Kiba

A few years back more specifically the Valentine of 2017, former Radio presenter of Clouds FM, Loveness Love, also known as Diva the bawse, confessed on crushing on Single Boy singer, Ali Kiba.

So enchanted was the presenter that she said she was ready to take a grenade for him because he’s so sexy and comes with a six pack.

A year later, Diva admitted to kissing Ali Kiba on stage in her event at Club Billicanas, describing it as for commercial purposes meant to push her music career.

Things, however, got serious after @divathebawse expose her intimate relations with @alikiba to the press and social media, describing that he was in love with her, while cheating on his wife.

Her revelation attracted internet trolls that saw her ending her presenting career of Ala za roho at Cloudsfm Radio. The revelation is said to be one of the reason for the separation of Ali Kiba and his Kenyan wife Amina who hails from Mombasa.

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