Amina Mude now swallows her words and refutes claims of breakup with Ben Kitili

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Ben Kitili and Amina Mude may still married after all. 

KTN news anchor Ben Kitili and his wife are apparently still married after last week’s scare which got Kenyans talking.

Amina took to Instagram last week and announced to the whole world that the two love birds had parted ways barely two years after they wedded.

“I just want to clear the air before you start reading some headlines. Ben and I are currently separated. I don’t know what the future holds but I am grateful for the beautiful memories and definitely the beautiful kids we made,” she said.

The news got netizens by shock and trended for the better part of the day. Many people were left wondering what could have led to the breakup keeping in mind the two had already weathered the storm that came with their marriage. Theirs is an interfaith relationship with Ben being a Christian and Amina a Muslim. Their engagement attracted strong opposition from both sides but the two didn’t give a flying fuck and went ahead to get married.  

One moment of anger made me write something stupid

Amina Mude. (biggestkaka)

Barely a fortnight after she made the announcement, Amina has now swallowed her words and claims she is still married to Ben.

On the same platform she announced their breakup, Amina claims that she is very much married to the news anchor.

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In the Instagram post, which reads more like a public apology, she owned up to her shortcomings and said she acted out of anger. She also shifted the blame on bloggers.

“Hey babe @benkitili I remember when we got married, you told me ‘listen Mulky after all is said and done, marriage is not a bed of roses’ I just smiled and thought ni zile advise zako mingi za life. But last week it was so clear that you were right, one moment of anger made me write something stupid and the bloggers blew it out of proportion,” she wrote.


She now vows to stick by her husband for better or for worse

Ben Kitili and Amina Mude on their wedding day. (pulselive)

“As a wife, it’s my duty to respect and protect my husband. And so, I want to clear the air, Ben and I are married. He will always be the man I love and honour all the days of my life,” she further wrote.

It hasn’t, however, been lost that she had deleted all their photos on the social media platform.

Kitili proposed to Amina in 2015 and they got married in November 2018 in a private wedding officiated at the AG’s office.

They hosted a private wedding reception that was only attended by family and close friends at the Panari Hotel.

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