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Thriving Couples KE, a peek inside Kenya’s popular online Facebook group

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Love Wins

In the midst of all Covid-19 deaths Kenyans have found a way to take their minds off all the gloom and doom. And what better way to do so than talk about love. Unless you are a bitter cold and heart-broken individual stories of love  and living happily there after is a sure way to get one’s spirits up and the thousands of comments and love emoji Kenyans have poured for the last week is a true testament of that.

What the hell is Thriving Couples KE?

Thanks for the question. Thriving Couples KE is a private Facebook group with over 250K members and growing. According to the group description it is a place that offers hope and inspiration for couples keen on having relationships that not only survive but thrive in these modern times.

The group was  created on October 11, 2020 and currently is on everyone’s lips. The group posts include couples sharing their love journey and how they meet each other. So popular is the page that each post normally attracts thousands of comments and likes.

Apart from love testimonials the group also conducts hot discussions on relationships such as phone sharing in marriage, how to resolve conflicts to personal preferences.

Why the group is so popular

Thriving Couples KE is certainly not the first Facebook love page and neither will it be the last. The group is, however, a breathe of fresh air and provides a much welcome relief to folks who are bombarded with all covid-19 gloom statistics. More importantly the page shows young couples that a journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step and if you want a long fulfilling relationship you have to put in the work, how true. Some of the couples standing strong today also met in the Inbox section which goes to show that you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss those ‘Hi’ ‘Hae’ and ‘Xasa’.






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