Love wins: 106-year-old man ties the knot with a 50-year-old woman.

Love wins: 106-year-old man ties the knot with a 50-year-old woman

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Love defies age

A centenarian has defied all odds and married the love of his life.

Elidad Mwanje Mwesigye, a grand father of 106 years, waked down the aile and said i do to his 50-year-old lover, Christine Nantumbwe.

Come one come all

Elidad Mwanje tied the knot at Seventh Day Adventist Church located at Kigunga in central Uganda’s district of Mukono. The wedding ceremony was overseen by Reverend Hannington Lubowa who urged Nantumbwe to carefully look after her husband.

The big day

Mwanje was supported by two of his relatives to walk from the vehicle which bought him to the Church  to wed.

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Family were against the union

John Bosco Sserubiri, one of the organizers of the wedding said that they had advised the old man not to marry due to his advanced age but he insisted that he needed a wife at all cost.

”He informed us that he needed a wife. We told him that he was too old to marry. He said it is never too late to marry,” said Sserubiri.

Church chipped in to find him a wife

After refusing to back down, the old man then gave the Church leaders a duty to find him a wife. A search ensued and several potential brides were brought to him but he turned all of them down until when Christine was brought to him.

Christine loves me not my money

In a brief speech, the old man said that he accepted to marry Christine because compared to the many women brought to him, she is the only one who did not ask for money from him.

He tickled the guests present when he revealed that some of the women brought to him had even requested him to give them the land titles before accepting to marry him.

Nothing can keep me down for my wedding

According to John Bosco Serubiri, the old man’s children were against the wedding. They told the old man to stop the process since according to them it was shameful but the old man did not heed to their advise.

He added that for the last two weeks the old man was bed ridden but they were pleasantly shocked when he insisted that he had to be at the wedding as programmed and indeed he was there. Well, love wins at the end of the day.


Love wins: 106-year-old man ties the knot with a 50-year-old woman 1 1476

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