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Drama as bridegroom and best man exchange blows over bride

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Bridegroom and Best man fight over Bride

Drama ensued at a wedding ceremony in Uganda’s central district of Mityana when a bridegroom exchanged blows with his best man over the bride. 

Stanley Mukoza, the bridegroom furiously fought with his longtime friend and best friend, John Sewanyana. Guests who had been invited to attend the wedding ceremony got the shock of their lives when they saw the two buddies exchanging blows and kicks.

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Little did they know

According to Mukoza’s brother, Henry Ssebabi, his brother had picked the bridegroom not knowing that the woman was his best man’s wife who had eloped a few months ago.

”My brother was working overseas. When he came back a few months ago he requested his sister to look for him a woman to marry. My sister then selected for him the woman not knowing she had run away from another man.” said Ssebabi.

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Hell breaks loose

Before the wedding ceremony kicked off, the best man realized that the bride was his wife who had run away not so long ago.

Without seeking any explanation, he simply attacked the bridegroom and started beating him. Mukoza responded by hitting him back and the two got into a big fight.

Police had to be called in to separate them before taking them to a police post not far from the Church.

Truth comes to light

It is from there that Ssebabi told the police that the bride was his wife who had eloped not long ago.

On his hand, Mukoza explained that the woman in question had been connected to him by his sister and he did not know that she was Ssebabi’s wife.

To get to the bottom of the matter, the police decided to go and pick the bride so that she could explain the fracas but by the time they reached there she had disappeared.

Police are still hunting for her.


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