Where to find the most expensive escorts in Africa

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Sex industry

Sex sells wherever you turn to across the world. The Global prostitution industry makes a whooping US$186 billion per year according to Havocscope.

The service industry is evidently lucrative.

Sex in Africa

Most of the information on prostitution in Africa is, however, limited due to political and technological obstacles, but the trade is common in most parts.

The trade is also undergoing numerous changes as more and more escorts and clients embrace online sex.

Here is where to find the most expensive escorts in Africa: 

Meet Mercedes from Ghana

While Luanda, Angola’s capital, was ranked as the world’s most expensive city for expatriates back in 2017, the most expensive escort in Africa is from Accra, Ghana. 

Her name is Mercedes and yes, you guessed right, she is sleek, expensive and well-built. 

She charges gigabucks and you would definitely go broke spending between US$900 and US$1,200 every time you want a good time with her. Her famous clients include Ghana artists. Check out more from Accra city of love

South Africa

Escorts in South Africa are the most expensive in Africa, with the average hourly rates for escort services going at US$300.

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Escorts in Egypt come 2nd as the most expensive on the continent, with the average hourly rates going at US$170. Nigerian escorts are in 3rd place and buying sex will cost you not less than US$150 per hour.

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Sex Tourism

Every year millions of tourists travel from all over the world to sample ‘African goodies’. Here are the top 5 most visited countries: 


Kenyan escorts are fun, flirty, and confident. They are also some of the best on the continent in terms of looks and attitude. Foreign men find them Exotic and these women find it hard to resist their foreign charm. The nightlife in Nairobi and Mombasa is very lively and you can find strippers and escorts in popular nightclubs such as Sabina Joy in Nairobi. They charge moderately for hourly escort services at US$100 on average. For a short time, you could even get their service at US$10. 


Escorts in Tanzania are awesome. They are beautiful, well-raised girls. However, you will be surprised once you realize how freakishly naughty they are. The two main locations to get these beauties are Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar island.  High Spirit Lounge, one of the most popular nightclubs in Dar es Salaam is particularly very lively over the weekends. While in Zanzibar, you will definitely get hooked up at places like Cholo’s Bar and Gerry’s Bar.

The Gambia

Despite taking a few days to figure them out, you will definitely enjoy doing it. Gambian girls are beautiful and it will be up to your preferences when deciding which one to take home. There are both dark and light-skinned Gambian girls with unique features. 

Find most of these beauties at Serrekunda. Expect to encounter tons of weed here as you interact with the Gambian beauties. Wow and Time Inn are also popular hangout spots for escorts and their favorite clients, expatriates.  

South Africa

The diversity in people living in South Africa makes it one of the best places in the world for sex tourists.  In SA you will find white Anglo girls, Afrikaan girls (white native South African girls of Dutch descent,) and black girls. Find most of them in Johannesburg and Cape Town, which are home to plenty of bars and nightclubs.  


Uganda boasts of having some of the curviest women on the continent. They find foreigners Exotic and are smart and polite. 

To get a taste of what these sexy girls have got to offer, head out to Guvnor Uganda and Club Ambiance Kampala 

The escorts here charge between 50,000-100,000 Uganda shillings( US$14.14- US$28.29) for a short time. 

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