3 men every boy needs in his life

#InternationalMen’sDay: 3 men every boy needs in his life

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Stuff that separates Boys from Men

As the world marks the International Men’s Day young boys coming of age are wondering out aloud what’s the big deal about men’s day?

Well son take a seat and let me teach you a thing or two about being your own man. First of all a man keeps his word. In this world where promises are made and broken faster than Usain Bolt can finish 100M dash, keeping your word will separate you from the chaff out there.

You will not only earn the trust and respect of your peers but your elders too.

Bros over hoes

A man is also his brother’s keeper and pussy should never come in between two brothers Never. It does not matter how tempting that ass is it makes you want to cum just seeing it. Want you to spank it so hard it gets hot. Brocode dictates that your boys should always come before any girl out there and if a girl tries to break you up it goes without saying you drop her faster than a hot potato.

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As you grow up you will soon realize that apart from your father, friends and family you also need three men who are absolutely invaluable.

A great Barber

So long as the sun will rise up and set a good barber will always reign supreme in a man’s life. The history of barbers and barbershop dates back to ancient Egyptian times when Barbers were the only people trusted to take sharp instruments close enough to Pharaoh to trim his beard.

A good barber can transform a dirty beggar to a respectable looking gentleman, such is the power they wield and so long as men’s hair grows we will bow before them.

More importantly is the place a barbershop has in men’s hearts. A barbershop is the last remaining place guys can go to hang out and just be men. While in there boys learn the ropes of manhood, dating women, how to have character and style to building strong societies. On this International Men’s Day how about you go have a cut and later on watch Ice Cube movie “Barbershop”.

Psss! So that you don’t say nobody told you the cardinal rule is that you never cheat on your barber no matter what. Never!

A handy Carpenter

Don’t we all love beautiful spaces, spaces that inspire us and give us peace, spaces that connect with our core? I know I want one.

While women turn houses into homes, a handy carpenter can turn an empty space into a charming cave full of character women will never get enough of.

If you are a bachelor you know good finished furniture is expensive and this is where a handy carpenter comes in. For half the price they can transform a few pieces of timber into a comfortable and stylish looking coach that will last you until your children move out. More so he can give you your own stylish look. Whenever something breaks and believe me it will, you won’t also stress out wondering where you will get money to buy one he will quickly fix it for you.

James, a content creator with a city startup swears by his handy carpenter.

“I don’t know what I will do without my loyal carpenter, he fixes and makes everything for me from bed to book shelves. I always go online and identify stylish furniture which if i had to buy it i would have to sell my kidney and simply give him the picture and he will make an exact replica of it at a quarter the price. If a man doesn’t have his carpenter on speed dial then I don’t know what the hell he’s surviving in this city.” says James.

A good Tailor

‘Clothes maketh a man’ and in the 21st century where looks matter more than content a good tailor is priceless.

A good tailor will turn you into the man you have always admired. He will show you how to dress up according to your body size and shape. A good tailor will do more and give your own style, saving you precious time following every trend like a Zombie.

From shorts to jackets a good tailor will stitch it up for you and before you say ‘Timbuktu’ droves of girls will be hanging by your every word. Yes! If you didn’t know women find a well-dressed man irresistible. Ladies love showing off their man and turning up in a fitting Kitenge jacket your tailor stitched it for you will make her friends and family rate you highly.

Speaking of clothes. every man out there needs to have at least two or three pairs of good jeans that he cannot live without. A simple plain Tshirt and a jacket to top it off and you have arrived my boy.

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