3 ‘black spots’ you need to explore this black November

3 ‘black spots’ you need to explore this black November

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Who was it again who said when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail? Fuck ‘em! Try having a dick and you will soon realize everything looks like a pussy. Do you need any help with your thesis James?  Yes! but can we fuck first.

That is men’s problem in a nutshell. Everything starts and ends with their long, thin, short, fat, white and black cocks and you know what happens when a rock hard dick hot with blood and itching for action does when a wet puffy pussy is in sight. It goes nuts and puffs and huffs until it destroys it. It only takes pauses to take a break when the V shaped pitch gets too wet to get a good grip. 

Don’t be a dick……there’s more to life

Cum’on there’s more to sex than having a dick you know. Sweet sensitive spots lay yonder and it’s high time you venture out with your dick (No dick left behind) and explore. I mean what could go wrong apart from realizing you are a giver not a receiver and you just can’t take some things, only give out some things.

A chisel at the right hands can do more than a sledgehammer

You see, experience has taught me that the human body is like an Ali Baba cave and sometimes instead of swinging and pounding while sweating like a pig, all you need to do is press the right buttons, say the right words and Voila! Achieve the same if not more than your wildest dreams could imagine. 

My great grandfather – that dirty old man who fucked the whole village literally – told me one day while high on his daily dose of Changaa that there are many ways of killing a rat. Smart folks always go with the least but most effective way so remember that when you start fucking around with women. How true! Men and women alike always approach sex in largely the same fashion of pussies and dicks grinding at each other. 

Apart from your dick other erogenous zones also exist and until you discover them you don’t know what you are missing out. This Black November is a great time to discover these ‘black spots’ hidden in plain sight and quit being a dick.

Go on a body mapping adventure

Just like Aristotle said ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ exploring and understanding your much-underrated hot spots will make you wise as an owl.

Better still, your sex life will change overnight and soon hammering away won’t be the only thing you can do. Your dick will even thank you because hell it was getting tiring hitting the same spot James. Is that all you can do?

You can go on this journey either Mansolo or with your better half. This is one of those things where the ‘end justifies the means’ rings true. Talk is cheap so let’s get down to business. Here are 4 over-looked hot spots that will rival your dick experience.


First things first, I am no hater but nipples are different from manboobs. Both men and women have nipples but that is where the similarity ends. While women’s boobs always get their fair level of attention, men’s nipples are often overlooked; you would think the ‘two black spots’ don’t fucking exist.

Well I have some news for you Betty* men’s nipples have the same nerve-packed receptors that women’s do, and some men (ME ME ME) are turned on by a little nipple action.

What’s more you don’t need rocket science to arouse them, just play with your tongue, lick them, bite them and suck them and i will fuck the hell out of you like a Bonobo.

Big Blue Balls

‘Poor them’ they do so much but receive so little attention that they turn blue. Despite getting banged around quite a bit during sex and sports that is sadly all the action they get. I am tyaaaaad of repeating myself. Love them like your own babies and give them the much needed attention. 

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Touch, lick, massage and caress them until they can’t take it anymore they just cum.

The Brain

Yes I get it that sex is physical ask me about it. When Anaconda is hungry he can penetrate any hole big and small, wet and dry, clean or bushy and never venture out until the fucking hole floods, Just ask Cherrie about it, she has banned me from ever checking up on her (show up to fuck her) until a fortnight passes and her poor pussy can take more punishment.

All I am saying is sex starts from the brain and if their is an animal out there with an active imagination its a red-blooded man. Go back to the good old days when all you had was your ‘dirty mind’ to get you rock hard. Yes, spend an hour everyday thinking about sex, imagine fucking that ‘Mama Mboga’ that big ass secretary on top of the reception table, fucking go wild no one can stop you. 

Here is where I agree with that shit that says ‘whatever a man can do a woman can do better’ so how about you pick that fucking phone Jane and call him? Put your little ego aside and go nasty on him. Interrupt his meeting and tell him how you will fuck the shit out of him when he gets home. No he won’t even get out of the car, you will grab his dick like the gear shift and squeeze it, suck it and sit on it until he cums. Tell him how you will pretend to be dead asleep and once he falls asleep you will tie him up on all four limbs so hard he can’t move and then get on top of him and fuck him until he screams for help. I promise you by the time you put that phone down he will be knocking on the door with a hard on to rival Mt. Everest, such is the power of the brain.


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