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Husband hacks wife to death out of jealousy

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Man goes on the run after murder

Police in Uganda are hunting for a man who’s on the run after he hacked his wife to death. According to the police, the incident took place in central Uganda district of Mpigi about 40 km from Kampala.

Lydia Tushabe, the area police spokesman said that the deceased has been identified as Sharon Amolo,26 and her killer is Jacob Apule who worked as a guard with UMEME, the country ‘s electricity distributing company.

Gruesome finding

Sharon’s body parts were discovered by a fellow guard at Apule’s work station in the morning. The body parts were stuffed in a sack and included both arms and a leg.

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Shocked, the guard at first thought it was him who had been killed and quickly raised an alarm before making a call on Apule’s phone.  To their surprise Aoule picked the call and responded that he was alive and well at home which is about 100 meters from his work place.

Unable to believe it, the guards went to his home but found it locked with a big  padlock swinging on the door. It was at this point that they suspected something was greatly amiss and called the police.

More gruesome finding

The police broke into the house only to find the other body parts of what would be later confirmed as Amolo’s body on the bed.

Bloody Letter

Lying by the side of the body was a letter written by Apule stating that he had killed his wife because she was seeing another man.

Police has already launched a manhunt for him so that he is charged with murder.


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