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Husband hacks to death neighbour’s poor children after man fucked his wife

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Man kills children

A husband who caught his wife red handed being fucked by another man is being searched by police after he went on a killing spree.

Kenneth Mugume of Kanungu district in the western region of Uganda had been suspecting his wife was sleeping around after hearing rumours from nosy neigbours.

Meet Kasaijja

Mr. Mugume and Kasaijja had been friends for a long time and the two were like brothers so when neigbours started whispering to Mugume that his friend was sleeping with his wife behind his back whenever he goes for his drinking sessions in the evenings he dismissed it as cheap talk.

The rumours, however, didn’t stop and finally Mugume decided to find out the truth. On Wednesday he decided to lay a trap and see for himself if what villagers have been telling him was true.

Man set up trap to bust cheating wife

On the fateful day, Mr. Mugume left home as usual saying he was going for a drink from which he usually returns home at around midnight totally wasted

Unknown to his wife, he simply went to a relatives place and stayed there conversing his people until around 8.30 pm when he bid them farewell.

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No sooner had he reached home than he went straight to his bedroom window where the shock of his life awaited him. Mr. Mugume heard his wife screaming and moaning in ecstasy┬á as his friend Kasaijja fucked the shit out of her. Their children were away in boarding schools so Mugume’s wife had no fear and wailed in joy in a care free manner as she was fucked hard and taken to cloud 9.

Fuming with anger, Mugume loudly knocked the front door demanding to know who was fucking his wife. Realising they had been busted the two love birds devised a clever plan.

As the woman came to open the front door Mr. Kasaijja escaped using the back door into the dark night.

Mugume then descended on his wife with slaps and kicks and beat her into a comma before picking a machete and marched to the Kasaijja’s house.

Upon reaching there he found that Kasaijja’s wife had gone to visit her relatives but left their two children aged 15 and 19 back home.┬áKasaija was nowhere to be seen.

Seething with anger Mugume hacked to death Kasaija’s kids before fleeing to the dark night.

Police and fellow villagers are now hunting down the murderer so that he can be brought to justice. He remains at large.

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