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What Do Men Look For in Side Chicks?

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Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Man Would Want Side Chicks? Here’s a Few Reasons Why

What is it about side chicks that makes her have quite the appeal to almost every man? Even if you have a wife, a fiance, or a girlfriend, the temptation is always high. In modern society, side chicks are no longer taboo and almost every person has come across this very sensitive conversation. 

The side chick is the force in the background that the guy cannot resist. She is the mistress, the other woman, the one who never comes home, the hidden one that no one knows. But the reasons why men would want a side chick will vary. Despite the differences, there are also a few common reasons why men would want to have a side chick. Here are eight common reasons why; 

Lack of Physical Intimacy 

For both partners in a relationship, physical intimacy is important and keeps the relationship strong. When one partner is not getting enough sexual attention, then it leads to frustration and resentment. When ignored these feelings build up and could ruin the relationship. If the woman is cold and uncaring, then the man will get a side chick. 

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Thrill of Zero Responsibilities 

The side chick is all about fun and more fun. No scheduled arrangements or responsibilities. They provide an escape from the regular responsibilities of a man in his relationship with his wife or girlfriend. The certified side chick never nags or calls when she feels like it. This makes her a welcome vacation. 


They Want to Experiment

This goes beyond the bedroom. When a man is curious about another woman, he wants to know what it feels like to be with this woman. For example, outdoor activities that the guy enjoys, like camping, or exploring bedroom fantasies like role-playing, BDSM, and group sex.

Since the side chick is not emotionally attached to the guy, she will be more open to engaging in these activities with him. She provides him a chance to actualize fantasies without judgment


Born For Trouble

Men always want that which seems hard to get and they can risk almost everything to get it. Most men cannot control themselves and having a side chick is a result of really poor decision making. The danger and thrill of what’s forbidden is what attracts men to side chicks. 


Peer Pressure 

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real and most men fall into this trap. When an opportunity to have a side chick presents itself, especially in the company of his friends it becomes hard to pass it up. To maintain their high value in the dating market most men will make that decision to have a side chick his friends can applaud. 



When a man feels like he is not enough, he will definitely seek validation from other women. This is just a way to pump up his ego and make him feel better about himself. It is not done to ruin the relationship but it eventually comes out leading to plenty of drama. Some men may experience insecurities about their own masculinity as a result of the pressure to conform to traditional masculine stereotypes.


As a result, individuals can look for actions or experiences that they think would help them feel more “manly.” One such action is having multiple ladies for sexual encounters.


Toxic Masculinity (The Ego)

Men feel gratified when they see that they are attractive to many women. The ego is dangerous to any man who doesn’t have it under control. A man may even think he deserves a side chick for all the emotional and financial resources they bring into their relationship. 

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Can’t Get Over His Ex

When a man finds it hard to get over an ex he may keep her as a side chick just to maintain a sort of connection. 

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