How To Deal With Rejection

Feeling Unloved? How To Deal With Rejection

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How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection can sometimes be really difficult to get over. Everyone at some point in life must have gone through rejection, especially if you mean well. 

Depending on personality the level of rejection can be really harsh and difficult to deal with. Despite this, always remember that there is more to life ahead of you than what has happened. 

Here is how to deal with rejection: 

  • Acceptance 

Acknowledge that it has already happened.  The rejection could be at home; from family, at work; from colleagues, in relationships, and generally in different forms.

Keep calm, rejection is part of life. How you deal with it will always determine your next step. 

  • Talk to someone close to you 

This has to be someone you trust and most importantly understands how you feel. Going on a rant on social media, talking about how much the person ‘ain’t shit’ is not an option at this point. Never do this! Get advice from someone level-headed. 

  • Give yourself time to heal

Take it all in, however painful, break down what you experienced and most likely you will find answers to why you got rejected. 

Avoid the self-loathing vibe. Getting stuck in your grief will get you disoriented. Accept that it happened; it happens even to the best of us. 

  • Rejection is not a reflection of your true self 

Always ask yourself where you have brought you from. Rise above the rejection to avoid becoming a hopeless, worthless guy, just simply because that sexy lady rejected you. 

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  • Distract yourself

  •  Distract yourself-rejection

Self-love is the best love.  What keeps you going? What sparks the fire in you? What makes you feel way too sexy?

 Distract yourself by doing what you love. Dance your shoes off, watch that game with the guys, make your best meal and live every minute of it. 

  • Do not take rejection personally

We all have different ideologies on who an ideal partner is. You are entitled to get the kind of person you want, but you should never force it. End up forcing it and the rejection will be even more depressing. 

  • Be kind to you

On a positive note, this could be the time for you to explore and focus on what’s coming ahead. In life, we don’t always get what we want. 

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Rejection will keep you grounded but with some Nim Notty advice, you should Keep Ya Head Up! 



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