How To Make Your Ex Regret losing you

How to make your Ex regret losing you

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If Loving You is Wrong Then I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Is it possible to make your ex regret leaving you? Absolutely!

Haven’t you heard of that saying that you never really know what you have until you lose it? This is especially true when it comes to love matters and you have lost the one person who truly loved you despite all your shortcomings.

We all have loved and lost at one point. While some relationships were from hell and you don’t ever dream of getting back together some actually made us better and we long for it. If it’s the latter, here is how you can make your ex regret losing you.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

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The best form of revenge is actually success. So use the time you guys are not on speaking terms to work on yourself until you can’t recognize the new you. Do whatever it takes from losing weight, drop that unhealthy habit, make better decisions and before you know they will be back begging to get back to you.

Completely Disconnect

I know how hard it is to move on after a nasty break up especially if you guys had been dating for a while and had even made future plans but that is no reason to keep glancing back at your ex hoping they will take you back.

I bet you have heard of the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder. As much as possible remove yourself from their circle, stop hanging out at spots you guys used to go to together and simply disappear from their lives. Sooner or later they will start wondering where the hell did you go to and start missing you.

Throw That Bitter Card Out Of The Window


It really doesn’t matter who triggered the breakup because love knows no rules and when emotions are involved everyone gets hurt at the end of the day. Unless you are a cold-blooded human being nobody likes a broken heart.

The one thing you don’t want to do is pick a fight with your ex about your past relationship, present or future stuff. Let bygones be bygone since doing this will only make them glad you are not in their lives anymore.

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Forgive but don’t forget but more importantly move on and rebuild your life. Get a new circle of friends that are trustworthy and fun, go on vacations and enjoy life like it’s your last day on earth.

When you take the mean out of the equation, you will force them to remember the good times and wonder why they left you in the first place.

Get A New Look

You know that look you have always wanted but never really got to do it? Well, here is your chance to rock it.  Go get that new hairstyle, go buy that cool jacket, splash some money and upgrade your wardrobe, move to a new house, Yes! do things that make you feel better about yourself. This will help take your mind off your ex and allow you time to reassess whether that relationship was worth it in the first place and whether it’s worth a second shot. If you think it is, then it will put you in a better frame of mind and in a more superior position to return with something better to offer your ex.

Find You and Be Happy

Be Happy! How To Make Your Ex Regret losing you. (Brad Aroson)

Yes, I know it sounds counterproductive but try to be happy. In most cases when we fall in love and enter relationships and marriage we lose a part of ourselves and over time we become less and less of what really made us tick and what drew them to us in the first place.  Use the time apart to reawaken your long-lost hobbies and find what used to make you happy when you were single, carefree with no responsibility. Nothing makes your ex shun you faster than you reminding them of misery, bitterness, anger, and the feeling that you don’t have a life away from them.

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