More money less fabric: Why strippers are now earning top dollar amidst covid-19. (BBC)

More money less fabric: Why strippers are now earning top dollar amidst covid-19

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Covid-19 sinks the adult entertainment industry to its knees

2020 has certainly been the most challenging year in the adult entertainment industry due to Covid-19. The worldwide pandemic has brought the adult entertainment nightlife industry to its knees. According to a report by market research firm IBISWorld, the adult industry has seen a dip of more than 17% in 2020 in the US alone.

Most nightclubs and strip clubs have gone out of business forcing strippers to think on their feet and find new avenues for sourcing money.

However, necessity is the mother of internet. Restrictions on travel as well as curfews have made the internet the best place to get escort services.

Exotic Escorts are now making good money online and strip clubs are under pressure to offer incentives just to lure Exotic dancers back into the arena as well as attract new talent. A drop in the number of clients visiting the most popular strip clubs, such as Sabina Joy and Liddos in Nairobi, has seen major stakeholders offer more money to lure the strippers back to the lucrative business, at the clubs.

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Escorts are in demand more than ever

Recently, Video vixen and Instagram sensation, Sherlyne Anyango took to Instagram to show how the business is thriving in the USA. She has even talked of relocating to Oakland, California due to the big dollar bill incentives.


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The Instagram sensation has for a while been linked to popular Kenyan stand-up comedian, actor, musician, TV, and radio presenter Oga Obinna. However, the two lovebirds seem to have gone separate ways as events unfold. The couple are a testimony that long-distance relationships are quite a challenge especially with the big money incentives strippers in high-end clubs receive.

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