Rwandan escorts are giving Ugandan women a run of their money in Northern Uganda

Rwandan escorts are giving Ugandan women a run of their money in Northern Uganda

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Rwandan escorts woo Ugandan men

Ugandan women are feeling the cold after more and more Ugandan men shifted their focus on Rwandan escorts.

In Northern Uganda, most men revere women from Rwanda and western Uganda so much that many educated and rich men have left the local women high and dry and tied the knot with women from western and Rwanda.

No dry women for me

At the heart of the problem is that fact that women in northern Uganda are dry and don’t have Kachabali water.

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Its in the food

The staple food for most people in northern Uganda is millet and green vegetables which allegedly makes most of the women from the region dry

On the other hand their counterparts from western Uganda and Rwanda drink a lot of milk and millet porridge which makes them produce a lot of water during sex.

Rwandan escorts on high demand

Smart businessmen are now doing brisk business. Robertson Akile Oke, a business man in Gulu Town has established a brothel and stocked it with 20 Rwandan escorts who barely can catch breaks due to booming business.

From morning to evening men flock there to sample the Rwandan beauties.

According to Yona Obori, a local phone repairman, who has visited the brothel located along Gulu-Kampala road several times men cannot get enough of the Rwandan escorts.

”Although they are expensive, they are worth a trial. Unlike our local women who cost around UGsh5000 shillings the Rwandan escorts cost UGsh 20,000 shillings per round but man they are sweet.”

He however wondered whether after one month those Rwandan girls will still be sexually sweet because they are being over fucked.


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