Harmonize Introduces New Rwandese Girlfriend 1

Harmonize Introduces New Rwandese Girlfriend

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Harmonize Vows to get Tattoo of Girlfriend’s Name

Tanzanian Bongo Star Harmonize aka Konde Boy has flaunted his new Rwandese girlfriend. The famous hitmaker shared photos of his newly found love in a Rwandese influencer, Phiona and revealed that they have been talking and have been great friends for about four years. The celebrated musician took to Instagram to celebrate his new girlfriend saying that he has never met a better woman than her.

Harmonize Introduces New Rwandese Girlfriend 2

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Harmonize broke up with his girlfriend Kajala earlier in the year. On social media, he told his fans that he was not in a position to fall in love with someone’s daughter further asking his fans to pray for him so that his attitude would change. He wrote:

“Alot of beautiful girls have been trying to make me fall in love because they know for sure I got a soft heart. That when I give, I give for real, I can be a friend, a husband, a provider and the best father. I appreciate the love being shown to me but you know what, my heart is cold.”

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Harmonize Introduces New Rwandese Girlfriend 3

Harmonize also revealed his plans to tattoo his girlfriend’s tattoo on his face promising that her tattoo would be the only one that he would get off a woman.

In a recent post on Instagram, he wrote, “Okay! I’m getting my last tattoo. I will not draw again. Of course, it is of the beautiful face of you, Phiona.”

Harmonize and Kajala Fridah’s relationship did not last long and Konde Boy took to social media to simp in order to have the beauty back into his fold. Harmonize is proving that he is ready to commit to this new relationship and is going to strengthen the relationship by buying a house in Kigali.

This will ensure that he will be closer to his new love. Netizens are waiting to see whether this relationship with the Rwandese beauty will last.

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