‘Finally, I’m A Naija!’ Drake Celebrates Nigerian Roots

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Celebrated Canadian Rapper Celebrates Naija Roots As DNA Ancestry Shows He’s ‘30% Nigerian’

Everyone wants to be Naija, even Nim Notty! Why, you may ask? It’s a vibe being Naija- talent, hard work, and Africanacity- just a few of their most telling attributes.
Canadian rapper, Drake is not the only celebrity to claim Nigerian Ancestry. Lil Wayne (53%), Forest Whitaker (whose father had Igbo roots), and famed televangelist Bishop TD Jakes, who is also from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, are other noteworthy US celebrities with Nigerian ancestry.

Beyoncé, SZA, Diddy, and a plethora of others have also in the past asserted that their roots originated in Nigeria.

Rihanna stated her Igbo ancestry last year. Later, she clarified that she left out Nigeria because it didn’t exist when her ancestors departed Igboland’s shores.


Drake took to Instagram with the caption, “This is my Dad’s results. Does this mean I’m a Naija man finally?”

According to the screenshot, which has thoroughly thrilled his Nigerian fan base, Drake’s DNA is 30% Nigerian, 28%  Cameroonian, Congolese and Western Bantu, 11% Ivory Coasterian and Ghanaian and 8% West and Northern European.





























Many followers of Drake joked on Twitter that the moment was right for him to release the Afrobeat album he must have been so desperately waiting to release.

“Drake went to do a DNA check to know if he has Nigerian roots so that when he drops an Afrobeats album, nobody would question him,” writes international music journalist Basito.

Other than the talent, the ladies must be asking whether Drake also inherited Nigerian dick from his ancestry?

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