Man dumped after receiving lap dance from chris brown

Chris Brown: Man Dumps Girlfriend After She Gets Lap Dance From Musician

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Tiktoker Dumps Girlfriend After Getting Lap Dance From Chris Brown

Dash, a tiktok user who witnessed his girlfriend receiving a lap dance from Chris Brown during a concert in the U.K  has revealed that he has parted ways with his girlfriend.
Chris Brown lap dance with lady
Chris Brown lap dance with a lady
The man revealed that he took his girlfriend to Breezy’s concert when Chris Brown invited the lady for a lap dance. The TikToker demanded his money saying that he spent over $600 on his girlfriend, saying that he needed the amount back in a recently deleted post.
 “POV: Buying my girlfriend front row tickets to see Chris Brown … I want my £500 [$615 USD] and my girlfriend back,”
In the video, Chris Brown is seen doing saucy moves with the lady as he touches her lady who seems to enjoy the moment.

Under the footage of Brown giving the lady a lap dance while singing “Take You Down”, Dash wrote, “How I watched my girlfriend up on stage with Chris Brown, Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend. She doesn’t think what she did was wrong.”
Netizens praised the man for dumping his girlfriend with many asserting that the man was in fact disrespected by his girlfriend and Chris Brown too.
Chris Brown has been on his “Under The Influence” tour and has been performing various hits including Gimme dat, Warm embrace and Heat overseas.
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