5 Types Of Guys Women Find Irresistible 1

5 Types Of Guys Women Find Irresistible

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These Kind Of Men Are Irresistible To Women

Since the dawn of time, men have always wanted to know the secret trait or personality that attracts women. It’s a complicated issue especially because there isn’t a definite answer to the quest. In as much as no two women are the same, there are certain men that attract most women. Here are the type of men that women find irresistible:

The Intelligent Guy

An intellectual guy instigates conversations which are intellectually stimulating. If a man can show a woman that he got that and can listen to what she has to say, that type of man got her hooked forever. An intellectual connection between partners is what sustains a number of relationships.

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Silver Fox

5 Types Of Guys Women Find Irresistible 2

According to a group of Scottish psychologists from Abertay University, women who make more money focus more on male attractiveness. However, such women preferred older and well-kept men; the silver foxes.

This is great for guys with grey hairs since if they are well-groomed they can flaunt them in pride. Style and grooming habits determine sex appeal. You know, women can’t resist a mature man! 

The Bad Guy

Bad boys are cool…just for a short moment. Not for years. Many men are cursed with the dark triad of three personality traits which include narcissism(when all one can think of is themselves), Machiavellianism( encompassing ruthlessness and duplicity) and psycopathy( lack of empathy).

Women generally love men who are edgy and “bad” at first glance but not for a long-term relationship. After all such men cannot make great family men or good fathers for their children.

The Gym Guy

5 Types Of Guys Women Find Irresistible 3


According to a study conducted by UCLA in 2007 in which women assessed some shirtless guys, Beefcakes were rated to be hotter only for nightstands. Muscular men are objectified by women. Wearing fitting clothes is a sure way to show off their body while leaving very little to the imagination.

The Comedian

Funny guys reign supreme when it comes to attracting and snagging fine women. A 2015 study had women and men come together to interact for ten minutes. As they got to know each other and interact with one another, laughter played an essential role in relationship potential.

In later interviews, guys who make women laugh are considered for long-term relationships. Laughter is also an indicator of relationship success as couples who laugh together are always happier together.

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