Ugandan Bride Runs Away From Home Over Forced Marriage 1

Ugandan Bride Runs Away From Home Over Forced Marriage

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Ugandan Bride Returns From Hiding, 5 Days Since Disappearing

A Ugandan bride whose parents were forcing her to marry a man she did not love caused confusion among her parents, and villagers with concerned folks online expressing concern after her disappearance.

Police and other security agencies in the country panicked thinking she had been kidnapped and were awaiting a ransom demand.

The deputy policeman of police, Patrick Onyango identified the bride as 24 yr old Bushura Najjuko a resident of Kyengera town council in the Central Uganda district of Wakiso. On Wednesday, the woman who had vanished returned and turned herself into the Nsangi, Wakiso district police station. The woman’s return was confirmed by the Kampala Metropolitan Spokesman Patrick Onyango, who also noted that she appeared to refute reports that she was missing. This is according to

Onyango said Bushura was supposed to get married to a man of her parents’ choice on Saturday.

But on Friday, it is reported she requested her parents that she goes to the salon to make her hair. They gave her some money for making hair and also buy shoes.

She went to a salon in Kampala where she usually goes which was well known to her parents. But after making her hair at around 8.00 PM, she walked to the taxi park with the hairdresser who did her hair.

At the taxi park, they each went separate ways but she did not go home. The parents panicked and called the hairdresser. She told them that they had parted at the taxi park.

They informed the police and they started hunting for her. It was a nationwide search as the Monday newspapers ran a story of her disappearance with her photo on the front page.

The guy Najjuko’s parents had selected as their ideal husband, Farouk Mugalu, voiced concern over her disappearance. While he was giving her money to buy a dress and shoes the day before she vanished, he confessed that they had spoken.

On Wednesday, she handed herself to the police and said she hid because she did not love the man she was being forced to marry.

“I have a man of my choice but he was rejected by my family, so to oppose their decision, I decided to vanish,” she told the police.

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Ugandan Bride Escapes Forced Marriage

Police handed her to her parents and warned them not to force her to marry a man she did not love.

It was later established that there is a Rasta whom she loves and she had ever taken to her parents but they discouraged her saying he behaved like a thug because he had dreadlocked hair.

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