Rwandan porter experienced in Kachabali fucks the whole village.

Rwandan porter experienced in Kachabali fucks the whole village

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Rwandan farmhand woos women with his bedroom skills

A self confessed kachabali expert has reportedly run short of women to fuck in a village in central Uganda after women there got wind of his legendary bedroom skills.

Robert Kashaka, 29, a Rwandan porter residing in Ngogwe village found in Buikwe district has reportedly fucked married women and gone as far as sampling some of their daughters because they can’t resist his bedroom skills guaranteed to make a woman cum.

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According to one of the local leaders in the village, Gregory Ssekasi, Kashaka  was brought to work as a shamba boy in the home of a rich man in the village who worked in Kampala.

”His boss is a polygamist with one wife in Kampala  and two wives  in the village but he rarely comes to the village home giving Kashaka ample opportunity to help him out and mess with his boss’ wives.” said Ssekasi.

According to the old man, the wives of Kashaka boss let the cat of the bag and told some of their friends how good Kashaka was in Kachabali which led to many of them curious to experience it by themselves. To get him to fuck them the village women bribe him with drinks while some even pay him with cash just so that he can fuck them.

The power must have gone to his head since Kashaka recently started boasting to his drinking mates that he has fucked most of the women in the village.

Some men in the village have since threatened to beat him up if he does not stop fucking their wives.

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