5 ways to spoil yourself this black Friday

5 ways to spoil yourself this black Friday

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Everyday should be Black Friday

Hooray Black Friday is here and you know the plot –  Shop, shop and shop some more until you drop. Yes! get your card and start swiping left, right and center as you jam to chop my money track on the background. This is the day prices come crashing down as smart and cool companies try to outdo each other by wooing clients the only way they know how – make stuff cheap.

While black Friday has its origin in America, Africans are fast adopting it thanks to the world becoming a global village.  More so, more and more Africans are becoming tech savvy by the day and sites such as Amazon and Jumia are now one of their favorites. According to Marketing website Black Friday Global, the average Black Friday shopper in Nigeria spends about $60 just on this day alone.

So, don’t be left behind, join the bandwagon and treat yourself this black Friday. If anything you deserve it. C’mon you know how fucked up 2020 has been like so yes you need to spoil yourself like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out yet how here are 5 ways to spoil yourself this black Friday.

Experience Nuru massage

How does a sexy naked escort oiled up and clad only in her birthday suit sliding against you with her soft body sounds? Welcome to the world of Nuru massage where clothes don’t exist and the widest possible physical contact is the rule.

After putting in the hours and working your butt off a stimulating Nuru massage will rejuvenate you like nothing else

Hook up with a hot escort on Exotic

Hook up with a hot escort on Exotic

Do you know what is even better on a black Friday? Sex and not just any sex but one where you can fuck the girl of your dreams at only half the normal price.

Yes! Exotic Africa escorts are offering 50% off on  their must-try erotic services every black Friday. Seriously, who can beat or resist that? 

Get that powerful sex toy

You might be single but that’s no reason to  be bored and sad this black Friday. Treat yourself to sweet orgasm all day long by simply grabbing that powerful sex toy you have been meaning to get but couldn’t afford. With prices of most items including sex toys slashed now is the time to stock up on your toys collection. Le Wand which has ten speeds and 20 patterns on top of being rechargeable and cordless is the stuff dreams are made of.

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If you are a sexually starved man don’t worry Black Friday deals got you covered too. Male sex toys are now more available than ever and thanks to technology artificial pussies now feel almost like the real thing.

Get a lap dance

Lap dance. (Facebook)

Can you believe that Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend and former Fox News host, Kimberly Guilfoyle, reportedly offered a raunchy lap dance to whomever made the biggest donation to Trump campaign? Yes! Such is the power of a lap dance that even powerful figures can’t get enough of.

As the world’s gears to welcome Joe Biden as the 46th President, how about you join the parade and treat yourself to a lap dance? Sit up upright and let a sex escort with a big ass grind you until you cum. C’mon it’s your day, don’t hold back.

Travel and see the world

If you are within Nairobi, Nairobi national park is a great option.  You will not only get a chance to see a wide variety of wildlife including the endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes, hyenas, giraffes and over 400 birdlife species but do so without ever stepping out of the city.

Additional bonus…

Go on a hot air balloon

If you thought you have experienced flying and can’t be bothered then wait until you try a hot air balloon excursion over the world famous picturesque savannah plains of the Maasai mara game reserve. I swear you will never get over it. 

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