Our Troublesome ThreeSum Plug 1

Our Troublesome ThreeSum Plug

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“Next time, I want to grab and spank two pairs of fine booties, variety is the name of my game…” Eliud posed as he looked deep into my eyes. I had intertwined my legs with Eliud but the thought of sandwiching him alongside another cunt sent chills down my spine. But I had made a pact with myself, to be Eliud’s sex slave. “What Eliud wants, Eliud gets,” I thought to myself.

“So you want a threesome…” I murmured. “Does anyone come to mind when you think of a threesome? ” I asked Eliud, pity written all over my face. “None so far, I’ll task you with finding the extra cunt I crave,”

I took Eliud’s assignments seriously, including sucking his dick like a pro. I had to take this assignment with the seriousness it deserved. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my gallery and showed him some photos of my close buddies who lived for fine dicks just like I did. Eliud swiped the photos I had on my gallery, seemingly disgusted.

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When he came across Charity’s photo, he paused and a smile played on his lips. My heart brimmed with joy since I knew that I was on the path to actualizing his sexual fantasies. “Hit this chic up,” he ordered.

Charity, one of my closest buddies, is a big black woman with big tits and a well-rounded ass that would bounce on his dick and take him to the seventh cloud. I was as sure as the sun rose, that he would grab and spank that round and flabby ass and bury his face in her deep cleavage as he cupped her massive boobs.

I couldn’t help but run the whole sex scene in my head repeatedly. It was as if it was happening there and then. What would I be doing while Eliud satisfied his sexual desires? Every dog has its day and so does every pussy, I thought to myself.

Our Troublesome ThreeSum Plug 2

Eliud is just some guy I had met back on Campus,  he repeatedly threw sexual hints at me time and again. I had never sexualized him at any point, see he is not my type of guy. I dislike short and dark dudes, I live for tall, slender, dark and smart dudes. Call me a sapiosexual! I’d die for a man who can nourish my brain cells and whose sperms can nourish my vagina.
 A man who dominates me, one who can bore through my vaginal walls and whose dick occupies my vagina. One who mercilessly pumps into my coochie as if he owns it! Eliud is nowhere close to being the kind of man I desire. It’s a no-brainer,  however, that the shorter the monkey the longer the tail!
And God, does Eliud have a 7-inch dick! But the girth. There’s something about the girth that I don’t like! He couldn’t dominate me, yet here I was dying to be his sex slave.

My First Sexcapade With Eliud

Eliud’s hostel, ‘Ndovu’,  was not far from our lecture theatre. We had just finished our Anatomy class at 5:00 p.m. when the rain started pouring. Since Eliud’s hostel was not far from the lecture theatre, I was obliged to go to his room when he requested that I join him for a cup of coffee.
For two hours we had been watching “Eros in the City” when I felt this weird moistness between my legs. My head lay on Eliud’s lap all this time when I watched the movie. When it rains it pours, by God did my vaginal juices flow! When Eliud noticed me looking at my wet fingers, he knew it was time to pounce on his prey.
” Ma lemme get you a dry and comfortable trouser to wear, seems your trousers have soaked in the sweet waters…” Eliud requested as he removed my wet pants. No, Eliud was not ready to leave me dry and nigh! He straddled* my legs apart and buried his face in my wet coochie and let his tongue wander.
He separated my labia apart and let my juices flow, as he greedily cleaned up after the mess on my vagina. Eliud desired a taste of every part of my vagina. Eliud then slid his tongue inside my pussy and sucked all through till his member stuck out and it couldn’t linger in his pants any more.
We didn’t have a minute to waste, in no time his seven-inch dick was pounding in my vagina. We were “oh -ing ” and “uh-ing” all this while till we came and a single orgasm brought me back to reality. The moment of truth came, I was in a shoddy and stinking hostel and the rain had subsided and I had to rush home and swallow an emergency pill.
When Eliud removed his dick from my honeypot, his head hit his pillow and he immediately joined Slumberland. He was fatigued, yet here I was, jolly and full of life. I grabbed my pants, patted him on the back and mumbled a goodbye.
He was too sleepy to realize that I left the hostel, probably he was looking for my cunt between the sheets in the wee hours of the night. Showering in the hostel? No, I didn’t. ! I dashed home to have the shower to myself.

Please Remember To Suck My Man’s Dick

” Hey Charity, my guy just saw your photo and considered you to be a perfect candidate for a threesome…” I texted Charity on WhatsApp as my tiny fingers trembled. Charity viewed my message before I even put my phone down. I could see her typing a long message on WhatsApp. Was she cursing me? Was she in regret that our paths ever crossed?
Our Troublesome ThreeSum Plug 3
” Sure, only if you are sure he can satisfy my sexual urges, “Charity’s message popped up on my phone screen. I felt that I could kneel down and thank the heavens now that Eliud’s sexual fantasies were finally being actualized. Eliud would hunger not any longer!
I made Charity aware that Eliud desired to have her pair of ass sitting and bouncing on his dick. Her wet, moist and pink lips should also encircle his dick head, and by God, she shouldn’t in a million years gag on his dick or spit his cum out.
She could make a face mask out of his cum instead of wasting so much money on face masks and scrubs. Remember to suck my man’s dick. I insisted as I ended the chat

Catch Me Dead Dying for a Cunt!

Charity probably beamed with excitement as she texted me how much she desired to feel my warmth and Eliud’s between the sheets. I tried to explain to her that this wasn’t particularly about me, but rather for the guy I had sworn to bend for, as low as I could.
“At least I’ll finally have a glimpse of your perky boobs,” she texted. I swear, I felt my vagina closing up! How would I explain to Charity that the thought of seeing cunts made me sick? I told Charity that Eliud’s dick loved the feel of warm and moist lips encircling his dick head. She had to learn that she needed
“Lemme get this straight, will you head south and suck my fat and juicy cunt?” Charity wrote. How many times did I have to explain to Charity that  I wouldn’t suffocate between a woman’s legs trying to suck life out of it? Cunts make me sick. Catch me dead going for a cunt! Eliud needed her cunt more than I’d ever want it in a billion years.

Charity Fuck Yourself Next Time

I don’t know why Charity sees herself as a heaven-sent god, but heck the lass is a stunning beauty. But does that give her the leeway to leave horny dick heads starving? Eliud had been on a serious diet a few days before our sex match. Name all the aphrodisiacs you know- Eliud had fed on them religiously in preparation for our three sum.
Eliud woke up horny and ready to smack two asses on the long-awaited day, little did he know that his dick would shrivel in dismay and shame. We hit Charity early in the morning and sent her money to take a cab. Eliud on the other hand went shopping and brought Charity’s favourite drinks then later we resorted to watching several porn videos just to keep ourselves ready.
Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours, yet we couldn’t hear Charity knocking at the door. The sun set and darkness began to loom the sky. We thought probably Charity wanted this shady thing being done in the dark. We prepared dinner and set the table yet there was no sign of Charity showing up.
I mastered courage and hit her phone up. Charity was on the other end sobbing hysterically and I took a minute to calm her down.” I’m sorry guys, my dog died. I won’t show up today.” She gasped. My heart sank. Eliud almost died. His heart was shattered. He cursed her and pointed out that I had failed him.

I’m still looking for a third sum plug, only I don’t have anyone on my mind at the moment. All I am sure of is that I don’t want any cunt screaming in Eliud’s ears. Catch me dead permitting him to grab an extra pair of ass.

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