10 types of women who will cheat on you

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Women who are synonymous with cheating

No one ever wants to imagine their relationship or marriage ending in infidelity. Everyone has a different reason as to why they cheated. Men cheat and women do too. A man has to ‘prepare’ to cheat whereas for women it could just happen in an instance- If she wants it, she gets it! That makes them even more dangerous. 

The following have earned their place on the Nim Notty list of women who will cheat on you: 

Materialistic woman 

Barely works for what she wants, but always has an extravagant and flashy lifestyle. She has an insatiable appetite to get the finer things no matter what it takes or who she hurts. 

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Fears emotional intimacy

She may self-sabotage once she starts having feelings or getting close to you. Nothing personal, It’s just her very negative trait. She could be narcissistic, super selfish, and doesn’t consider the needs or feelings of others. It’s all about HER. 

Unapologetic flirt 

We all love the attention we get during a playful flirt. However, if you are the man of her dreams, she won’t disrespect you flirting with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. 

The unsatisfied woman 

If you do not satisfy her, ever, yet she craves and yearns for your attention, it will eventually fade away and she will move to where she gets satisfaction or undivided attention. I am in no way saying you should drop everything you are doing to give her attention. Do not overdo it, that’s very creepy! There has to be a fine balance.   

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Different social life than yours 

It’s important to have different interests, but it’s not a good sign if your social interests do not mix. 

Never shows you off (she hides you) 

You never meet the most important people in her life; her friends and family. Where she works remains a secret and when you inquire about anything she says you are prying a bit too much. Your relationship doesn’t mean much to her and she is probably cheating on you. You are just a side-cock! 

Always concerned about you cheating 

Snoops around your phone and has a lot of anxiety about all your whereabouts. Well, she may have already cheated or she may try to beat you to the punch. 

Have a substance abuse problem 

Drinks too much and is the life of the party. In doing so, she may not make the best decisions and in fact, she may even be doing ‘anything’ to keep her status.

She is still active on dating sites and apps long after you’ve been dating.

 Probably you met online, but be cautious if she is still active even after a year of dating

Has cheated before 

There’s no excuse for cheating. 


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