Why do women cheat in relationships

Understanding Why Women Cheat In Relationships

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This Is Why Women Cheat In Relationships According To an Expert

According to National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey (2018), women between the age of 18 and 29 were more likely to cheat as compared to their male counterparts. Data from GSS also shows that between 1990 and 2010, the percentage of women who cheat also rose by 40%.
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Some people attribute the uptick to the increased needs and wants of the modern woman. Empowered and financially stable women are less likely to compromise in relationships as they are in a position to seek emotional and sexual satisfaction that is missing in their lives.
Women who are likely to cheat in relationships include those who want to dominate the relationship. Such women are insatiable in most aspects of life including sex and relationships.
The over-demanding female is also likely to cheat in relationships since they never feel satisfied with anything be it love, care, or even emotional support. Such women have a huge appetite for everything and always want more than what they have.
If such women crossroads with a person who can provide them with what they need, they are likely to slip. You can’t predict whether a woman can cheat in a relationship. Here are 3 top reasons why women cheat in relationships:

Dissatisfaction in the Relationship

If a relationship boundary is crossed, most partners have to justify their behaviors first before they can compartmentalize their actions. If they are unable to find real satisfaction in a relationship, it can trigger them to seek relationship satisfaction elsewhere or even use cheating as a catalyst to end a current relationship.

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Emotional Starvation

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Most women who cheat do so because they crave to fill an emotional need. Whether the affair is emotional or physical, a woman may cheat since they crave devotion, support, empathy and a deep connection that may be lacking in their relationship.


Women who cheat may suffer from loneliness and may seek someone else to meet their unmet needs. Some may have partners who are away and works for long hours or they are at a stage in life where they can’t make any more friends. At such a point, an affair would be a perfect way to kill their boredom.
In conclusion, women cheat for various reasons and the above mentioned points may help you understand the psychology behind women cheating in relationships.Before you accuse your husband or boyfriend for cheating it is best to engage them in a conversation and get to know the whole truth.
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