10 types of men who will cheat on you no matter what

10 types of men who will cheat on you no matter what

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It wasn’t me

Being cheated on by a partner you love with all your heart and trust blindly can be brutal. It can leave you feeling like the ground beneath your feet has crumbled, and you’re being sucked in by soft sand. Even more so, if you didn’t suspect the cheating and were the last to find out. Be it recreational affairs or sexual affairs, or something far more serious like emotional affairs, the straying of a significant other always leaves a dent in the relationship and the psyche of the person being cheated on, the gravity of transgression notwithstanding.

He is a businessman who travels frequently

We have had women whose husbands travel a lot or work in the offshore business complain about their terrible cheating habits. 

The truth is that men are more likely than women to have extra-marital relationships. Traveling regularly, meeting new people, sleeping in nice hotels provide a perfect opportunity for these sexual escapades to happen.

Mr. Charming

Mr. Charming has an inherent playboy personality, marked by a tendency to flirt with women, and generally, keep an affinity with them. If you’re in a relationship with one, think back to the early days of your relationship. Did being with this man make you feel like you were dating a player?

If yes, then your partner, unfortunately, fits the bill of men who cheat.

Mr. Charming is smart, fun, a smooth talker, exciting, and affable, which makes being around him easy and enjoyable. It is this disarming persona that he uses to his advantage to win over girls despite his relationship status. In his mind, he is perfectly justified in doing so. He sees the affair as a reward for his endearing, irresistible personality.

So, is it possible for someone to love you and still cheat on you? Mr. Charming is the textbook example that it is. For him, the cheating is not a reflection of the state of his marriage or relationship but a way to prove to himself that he has still got it. Among the men having affairs, he is the kind of man who cheats but stays married or continues to be in a relationship with his primary partner.

Mr. Still-not-over-his-ex

Guys cheat early in a relationship when they take the plunge of being with someone without dealing with a breakup, nasty heartbreak, or residual feelings for a former partner. This is also the most heartbreaking among the 3 types of men who have affairs, as there is a great deal of emotional investment involved.

He is possessive and protective husband

If your man loves to control you or likes to know where you are without giving out his own info then he is most likely hiding something from you.

This type of man is just trying to make sure where you are so you don’t bump into him with someone else. But he is never going to tell you where he is.

He has friends who cheat on their wives

Like they say, birds of the same feather flock together so if your man’s friends are

fond of carrying girlfriends and sleeping with women who are not their wives, it won’t be long for your man to be indoctrinated. That is if he is not already like them.

He hides his status

Any married man who hides that he his married or has a Mamalette and Babylettes at home, may be playing away. His facebook status is single and if a girl flirts with him, she is doing so because she isn’t aware he is taken.

He is easily bored

A man who is easily bored, or who leads a dull, routine life may cheat on his spouse just to alleviate his boredom or add some excitement to his life.

He’s addicted to alcohol or drugs

Men who are substance abusers are much more likely to end up cheating on their mates. Alcoholics are susceptible to infidelity because their inhibitions will be lowered and their judgment impaired.

Either type of man is likely to cheat without realizing what he’s doing.

He’s a sex addict

Some men are sex addicts. This is a medical condition that requires professional medical help.

If your man has a sex drive greater than his wife or if Madame is lacking in bedroom skills, he’s much more likely to cheat on her. He’ll find another woman to make up for his wife’s deficiency.

He cheated before and got away with it

That old saying Once a cheater, always a cheater will apply if your man cheated in the past and didnt suffer any negative consequences as a result of his infidelity.

If he cheated before and didn’t get caught, he’s more likely to cheat again. The same applies if he cheated and Madame readily forgave him without holding him accountable for his infidelity.

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