Be aware! Signs that she is only using you 

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Be On Guard! Here are signs that she is using You

The majority of men become oblivious when clearly ‘being used’ by a woman. Her beauty makes it so hard not to spend on her, spoil her, and even more. However, this must never lead to infatuation. If she notices how smitten you are about her thick thighs and smooth skin, then you will fall victim to her craftiness. 

If you feel that she is using you, here are some obvious signs and a few Nim Notty things to do about it: 

Superficial convos- no deep communication 

You are on a date but all she is talking about is the food! And she goes on and on and on about how much she loves the meal you just bought her and it seems to be a long conversation on nothing else but the food. Run for your money! She is not concerned about your interests and dreams. In fact, trying to express how you feel about her would ‘ruin her appetite’. 

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Only available when she needs you 

You offer the best and treat her like a queen. This doesn’t mean you are King! She is only there for what’s free; the free food, the good dick, unlimited attention, or whatever she gets best from you. 

She never wants to pay for anything, even when she can afford it 

Be aware! Signs that she is only using you. (Depositphotos)

She is there to get what she can get. She ‘accidentally’ keeps forgetting her cash but never her purse and make-up. 

Goes for the most expensive stuff when you take her out 

The most expensive wine, drinks, and food are her targets whenever you take her out. This keeps happening, right? Yeah, she doesn’t care what money you make as long as she gets what she wants. 

She told you she only sees you as a friend

Yes, some relationships do move from friendships to romance, but not all! Stop being hell-bent on getting her that you don’t pay attention to subtle cues that you are just friends. If you keep insisting on offering gifts and your time then that’s on you. 

Shows up with friends when you ask her out 

She brings along 4 or 5 friends to the date and it’s now a ‘party’. Well, it could be that she doesn’t feel safe around you or she is just wasting your time and money. 

Foot-in-the-door technique

Be aware! Signs that she is only using you . (Menshealth)


She starts with a small and reasonable request- like, ‘do you have the time?’- which then leads into a larger request like, ‘I need $10 for a taxi’. At times she uses the door-in-the-face technique. First, she makes a big request, after having it rejected, then makes a smaller one as it appears to have a smaller appeal that seems reasonable comparatively. 

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Assess your status-look at what you have that she likes(good looks, money, good in bed) 
  2. Assess her desire for status- if she’d only want to go places she can flaunt to her friends. She’d only want to go out if it’s somewhere nice. 
  3. Watch for needy calls- she often ‘urgently needs $10”
  4. Check if she is actually listening to you 
  5. Check if choosing a place is all about her


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