Boda boda operator runs wild and rapes 7 women

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Boda boda man runs wild

Police in central Uganda district of Mukono are holding a motorcycle transport operator (boda boda) for allegedly raping 7 women before robbing them blind.

Police have identified the alledge rapist as Asuman Owere, 30, who operates in Mukono town and its suburbs. Mukono is located some 21 kms from Uganda’s capital Kampala.

All the 7 women reported the matter to the police and four of them have so far identified him as the perpetrator during an identification parade organized by police once he was arrested.

One of the women he raped identified as Silvia Nabutono told police that he had hired Owere at around 7.00 pm to transport her to her home located in Kitega  village two kilometers away from Mukono town.

”Instead of taking me to my place, he took me to a lonely place and raped me in a thick shrub. He forced me to the ground, tore my knickers and mercilessly fucked me.” said Nabutono.

After he was done violating her, Owere fled off with her bag which contained money and a mobile phone.

Another woman, name withheld, said that she stopped him at around 7.30 am and requested him to take her to her boy friend’s home in Nalya village, about 4 kilometers from Mukono.

”While on the way, he stopped at a bushy place and threw me down. I tried to fight against him but he was too strong for me. When he threatened to kill if I continued resisting, I gave in.” She said.

She also said that Owere took off with her bag containing clothes and jewellery.

Police are waiting for the other women to make statements before taking him to court to be charged with rape and robbery.


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