Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Do Nice guys finish last? Not really, but simps do

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Sssh Are you that nice guy?

I bet you have heard this expression at least once in your life ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’.

This is one of the most common phrases out there when it comes to dating and relationships. Men are usually cautioned against being nice and instead be ‘Macho’ while some women cry themselves silly on why guys can’t be nice for once.

Anyway, let’s settle this matter for once. There is a fucking difference between a nice guy and a simp so don’t get it twisted.

Truth is that nice guys don’t always finish last, but simps do. Who is a simp, you may ask? A simp is a man with the logic that to keep a girl from leaving him, he just has to give her everything she wants, say the right things and everything will be fine.

On the other hand, a nice guy will always know when to leave or when to avoid being manipulated.

Nim Notty Chronicles 

Nim Notty hasn’t always been a ‘bad boy’. I had always been a sucker for romance until I realized it wasn’t getting me the kind of girls I wanted; the hot, sexy, and classy. At my first job, I really liked this sexy office secretary. She was all I envisioned in my ideal woman; tall but not too tall, flawless chocolate skin, luscious lips, and thighs that could save lives. I had a huge crush on her and we chatted every day. I helped her move and did a lot of favors for her. When she complained about her boyfriend, I would always offer a consoling ear. ‘ You are so nice’, she would say. That would get me all in my feelings but never in her pants. Fast forward, she began dating the always-late, dreadlocked bad-boy delivery guy and Nim Notty had to move on. 

Here’s the deal, being a nice guy has its place, but in dating, a man has to be cautious with the ‘Mysterious Sex’ since they could notice this and consciously or unconsciously become manipulative. Women are quite complicated but here are six sure ways nice guys simp:

  • Doubt 

Nice guys doubt whether the girl will like them and end up doing too much to get their approval. Examples include; boasting about his income, complementing a girl even though he doesn’t mean it, canceling plans with friends to go meet her, and paying for stuff all the time. Simps suppress their own dislikes and agree with whatever the girl wants just to maintain rapport. Keep this up and you will end up giving a ‘needy’ impression. Trust me, that’s not what she wants from a man 

  • Transactional Attitude 

Simps do good things hoping they can get something in return. They are not being nice for the sake of being nice, but because they have a hidden agenda. 

  • Overly impressed by her beauty 

Men are obviously wired to be attracted to beautiful women. However, simps are too impressed- to a point they make this particular woman seem to be the most perfect woman on the planet. The mentality behind this is often that she is the one for him and if it doesn’t happen then it’s over for him. 

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  • Filtering words

Here is how it works; most simps filter the words they use when talking to a girl they like. They often don’t say what’s on their minds but constantly assess whether what they have to say is good enough or smart enough or funny enough. They are way too attached to the outcome and fear being judged negatively by the girl. As a result, they do not have much to say in a conversation. 

  • No Boundaries 

Most nice guys don’t have a sense of what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. When a girl talks disrespectfully to a simp, he’s okay with it. If she makes fun of his passions and hobbies, he’s okay with it. If she insults his friends, he is still okay with it. If she cancels plans at the last minute, a simp is okay with it. 

  • Avoids escalation 

The Hollywood romance ending does not exist in real l9fe. However much a simp wants a girl, he won’t act on it. He doesn’t do what’s necessary to get her and simply acts all nice and polite around her, hoping that someday she will magically fall in love and make a move on him. The intense fear of rejection is actually a reflection of how they feel- low self-esteem. 

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It’s no secret that nice guys have it rough when it comes to dating attractive women but every man goes through that unless you are Elon Musk or Jason Momoa.

So at the end of the day, it’s not bad to be a nice guy, just don’t be a spineless nice guy who can’t stand up for himself when clearly the world wrongs you. Make your intentions clear, don’t take crap and walk away at the slightest disrespect. If you ask me ‘Don’t be afraid to be a bad guy, girls love it.’ 


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