Pursue a woman; Do not chase

Do not chase a Woman; Pursue a Woman 

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The art of courting a woman

You have probably come across the popular phrase, ‘He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.’ The short and long of it is that it insinuates that a man will always be the one chasing or rather hunting for a woman. A man should pursue and show interest in a woman unless of course, you are gay

A woman, on the other hand, is expected to play it cool and brush the man off for a period of time, you know play hard-to-get least she is accused of being a prostitute ready for any Dick, Tom and Harry who shows the slightest interest.

It’s even worse in Africa, the home of banging hot exotic escorts. In most African cultures, it is customary for the man to seek out and court the woman. Anything contrary to this is considered taboo.

Hate the game, not the player

The only problem is that we live in modern times and like what women like to yap is that what a man can do a woman can do better. Women nowadays do chase men as well. Cougars are at the top of this game and do you know why? There’s plenty of twerking divas out here and men don’t pursue unless they see value in a woman. 

Chasing a woman literally means that she is running away and you, therefore, have to catch up with her. Chasing leads to unrealistic expectations since when you finally get her you’re like, ‘was it worth it?  

What Makes You Chase a Woman? 

  • She is not that into you- Her Age and level of experience do not allow her to actually give you the attention you want. She loves the thrill she gets from having many suitors and this turns some men into lovesick puppies. They get obsessed and think that the harder they pursue a woman, the more likely she will give in. Sorry for busting your balls but you are probably not top of the list if she has you chasing. 
  • Bad experiences in her past relationships- all these walls you have to climb to get to her are just barricades to protect her heart. She makes it hard to win her affection because, according to her, the more a man is willing to work for her affection and attention, the more dedicated he will be.  

Hard Truths by Nim Notty 

You can’t heal a woman and her lack of healing is going to block her ability to fully embrace whatever your true intentions are. Healing is underrated. 

Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish 

If you start to chase, you will always be chasing. Even after marriage, you will still have to keep working harder and overtime to always maintain the attention that she is giving to you. Instead, make her chase you!! How?? The answer is: Focus on what’s more important- career, health, and goals. Chasing makes a man come across as desperate and pathetic. Especially if the love is not mutual. Don’t place a woman on a pedestal she doesn’t deserve. 

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The Big Difference between Chasing and Pursuing a Woman 

Men are meant to have companions since we aren’t on this earth to live by ourselves. The important thing is how you go about getting that companion. Do you chase or do you pursue a woman? 

  • A man who pursues women wants a woman in his life. But here is how he feels about women he is interested in; he can live without a woman but he’d rather not. A guy chasing a woman can’t live without a woman and this leads to a lot of simping. Simps don’t have self-respect or personal boundaries. 
  • A man pursuing a woman is very measured in his approach. He wants a woman but doesn’t necessarily need one. He takes his time to know her whereas a chasing man is more likely to make bad decisions mostly because he is in a rush. 
  • A man pursuing a woman and a man chasing a woman have one thing in common, they both want to know what women like. Here’s the difference; a chasing man doesn’t know what to do with all the knowledge he gets on women, but a man who pursues women always has a plan. 
  • A man who pursues women, probably, is dating several women. Get it right, dating and not fucking women. He will do this until he decides which woman he will settle for. A man who chases women is, probably, not finding luck with any since he gives off needy and desperate vibes. 

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A man should make it ‘a priority’ to have a woman in his life and not ‘the priority’. 


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