Men go gaga after well endowed woman strips and shows off her punani on top of car

{VIDEO} Town comes to a standstill after curvy woman strips and shows off her black punani on top of car

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Free pussy show

Residents of Kampala got a free show that is sure to remain etched on their minds for a long time to come.

This is after a curvy and well-endowed woman stripped naked and climbed on top of a car and exposed her black punani to all and sundry who cared to look.

According to a video that has since gone viral, the woman seems unperturbed and even did a catwalk on top of the car to ensure everyone got a glimpse of her.

Spread it wide

In the background, men can be heard groaning in excitement and busy taking photos of the woman who seemed to enjoy the attention.

A big number of Boda Boda operators quickly gathered around the vehicle she was standing on top and had a field day. Some of them can be seen taking close-up photos of the woman’s pussy on their smartphones clearly for their own personal entertainment once the show is over.

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At some point, the curvy woman even sat on the top of the vehicle and spread her legs wide apart exposing her well-endowed cunt.

Clean, tight pussy

At this point, the Boda Boda operators went wild with excitement and took more photos of her pussy as they praised her for having attended well to her vagina because it looked nice and sexy.

After some time she got off the vehicle and walked away with a group of Boda Boda operators following her, perhaps hoping they could get lucky and get a taste of her Ugandan punani.

Up to now it has not been established whether she was mentally disturbed or she was doing it for show.




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