10 facts about mature women

What age does a woman emotionally mature? Here are 10 pillars behind their mindset

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Girls want Attention; Mature women want Respect

Every little girl comes of age and just like wine women too get sweeter and better with age. Talk of aging like fine wine literally.

For a girl to become a woman, she has to let go of many things in life.  No two women are the same and women of all ages are different.

Anyway let’s cut the chase. Here’s what I’ve noticed about mature women; they have experienced serious physical, emotional, and intellectual changes. You see, being a proper grown-ass woman is all about mindset- the way she thinks and how she feels about herself. 

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It goes without saying then that a mature woman needs a man who has come of age too and knows thyself not some immature boy, only good at simping.

I know ‘Immature’ sounds harsh but in reality, some girls are just outright childish, attention seekers to say the least. However, you should avoid the term ‘immature’ in relationships; I mean isn’t so healthy and kinda feels toxic, right.

Anyway here are 10 Pillars behind a mature woman’s mindset.

They are Patient

A mature woman never expects any material gifts and appreciates what you offer. There is absolutely zero pressure when making ‘plans’ with her. She is happy being around you and that is enough. Only a patient woman can have faith, focus, and forgiveness and can handle situations respectfully.  


Everything about you and society is respected. Your values, feelings, character, time, and views on life are all important to her. Above all, she respects your relationship. Shows up on time and is respectful to all her commitments. Of course, it’s best when respect is mutual, but this does not mean she does not respect elders. She does this and actually respects children as well.   


You freely talk about anything without needing to drag things out of one another. You both are on the same page in terms of plans, ideas, topics, and issues. This means you both have regular deep conversations. For example, if you start talking about your day, she will always find some lesson in it; however weird and you will be surprised with how her brain operates. 

Being mature doesn’t mean that she never asks for any help. It just means that she knows when to ask for help, and without sounding needy or manipulative. She doesn’t need you in her life. On the contrary, she wants you in her life. 

You also need to note that when she says she’s fine she actually means it and is not fishing out a response. 


A mature woman no longer works to please those around her. She is passionate about what she does and that is growth. Financial responsibility is also important to a mature woman. She balances her checkbook and keeps track of her expenses. Saving is part of her routine and she does this, especially for necessary big spending. 

She is understanding

Quite overlooked, but takes a lot to understand that things don’t always go as planned and you are prepared to face the challenges life hurls at you. Being in the right relationship takes time and she knows this, she will never rush you, and loving her will just come naturally. She understands the team aspect of the relationship. A mature woman understands that love is not a one-time thing but deals with every relationship as if it is a one-time thing. It is also important that she understand the importance of ‘me’ time. 

Despises Drama 

Rarely bored, and when she is, she won’t try and create drama just to pass time. Yes, it is a thing. And most women do it, well at least that’s what I’ve learned from my Nim Notty experiences. A mature woman knows when to take a step back. Petty wins no longer give her satisfaction. 

She will argue less and will always try to find a way around sticky situations. At this point, her exes are just that, exes. Her past relationships are no longer important to her and won’t come up in conversations. 


Responsible for her relationship. Never takes you for granted. Instead, she knows that love is a two-way ride and will be more than happy to make it work. You have no regrets about being with this woman and you probably even got to a point where knowing her whereabouts is not that important. You trust her. 

Speaks her mind

Sorry not sorry, she is never afraid to do this. But there’s a catch; being realistic is a major sign that you are dealing with a mature woman. She has many beautiful words to say but nothing is sugar-coated and she knows the consequences of everything she utters. Talking things through will never be hard for the both of you. She believes in honesty and always wants to make things clear. 

Can’t get fooled twice 

You have to choose this woman, let go of your playboy days. This is what goes on in her mind, ‘fool me one time, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you; fool me thrice? Can’t get fooled again’ 

Bro, you might have got off the hook for fucking up but next time you do it she is definitely packing her bags and leaving. However, she will not cheat on you-she is better than that. You need to respect and appreciate her. 

Works on herself 

Mind, body, and soul are important. As her body develops, appearing put together and healthy becomes more challenging. Only a mature woman can make this look easy. Se embraces changes to her body. Weight change, new curves, and sudden growth spurts are not a challenge to her. A mature woman is never bored since there is always something she would like to ‘upgrade’ on herself. She reads books, works out, and is in touch with her spiritual self as well

She is careful about what she takes into her body; by that I mean, what she eats. Healthy meals are important to her and she makes sure that you are both careful about your health habits. 

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