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Stealthing: 39-year-old woman who secretly poked holes in partner’s condom so has to get pregnant jailed

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‘Friend with benefits’ gone wrong

A woman who secretly poked holes in her partner’s condom so she could get pregnant has been slapped with a jail sentence.

The 39-year-old was convicted of sexual assault in Germany after the ‘stealthing’ incident.

The two reportedly met online at the beginning of 2021 and began a casual, sexual relationship. Along the way, the woman developed stronger feelings for the 42 year-old ‘friend with benefits’. However, the man did not reciprocate and wanted to keep it casual, reported local newspaper Neue WestfĂ€lische.

According to media reports, a regional court in Bielefeld city charged the woman with sexual assault after finding her guilty of “stealthing”

What the fuck is Stealthing?

Stealthing is the practice of removing a condom midway through intercourse and then concealing it from the partner.

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Half the time it is always men who are the biggest culprits for this offence, but this is the first time that a woman has been convicted of the offense.

Fucked-up woman

The woman, who remains unidentified, then decided the only way she could make the man love her was to get pregnant. She then secretly poked holes in the package of condoms that her partner kept in his nightstand hoping she could fall pregnant.

But her efforts were futile and reportedly proved unsuccessful.

Despite not getting pregnant, the woman admitted to her partner that she had sabotaged his condoms and lied about being pregnant.


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