Abomination: Man caught pants down fucking son's wife

{VIDEO} Shock as man fucks a woman in broad daylight by the roadside

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Man fucks woman

Police in Uganda have arrested a couple that had sex in the public along the road in broad day.

The arrest was inspired by the video of the man fucking the woman which went viral on social media.

The incident took place in the western Uganda district of Kisoro, about 350 km from the country’s capital Kampala.

Meet Bagonza the fucker of the streets

The man has since been identified as Alex Bagonza. He earns his livelihood by carrying people and luggage on his bicycle in Kisoro town. The woman, a 24-year-old Rwandan lady has been identified as Kolodeli Kanyeyezi.

According to police, one of the passersby is the one who filmed the couple having sex with people standing not very far watching the man fuck the woman in broad daylight.

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When asked why he did so, Mr. Bagonza said that he negotiated with the woman to pay him with sex since she didn’t have any money with her.

” The woman wanted me to take her somewhere on my bicycle but she had no money to pay me. She said she would pay me with sex.” said Bagonza.

He added that when he reached near her destination, she got off the bicycle and just like they had agreed she told him to have sex with her there as payment.

Bagonza decided to play sex with the woman there and then by the road side to the shock and amusement of passersby.

Police say the couple will be taken to court and be charged with being a public nuisance by playing sex in public.


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