Man strips

Ugandan Man Strips Over Dowry Row

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Sex-starved Angry Man Strips In front of In-Laws; Dowry Unpaid

A 39 yr old man from Kireka Trading Centre, Uganda shocked his in-laws and villagers, undressing and holding his cock swinging it left and right in retaliation after being denied access to his wife, by his in-laws, over allegations of unpaid dowry. Dowry must be serious in Uganda! Why else would they starve the poor man to that extent?

The man, identified as Bakidawo Musoke, is a resident of the town on the outskirts of Uganda’s capital, Kampala. EroticAfrica sources report that Bakidawo went to take back his wife whom he felt had overstayed her visit at her parents’ home.

James Buye, one of his friends had escorted Musoke to his wife, in Masaka district,110 km west of Uganda’s capital Kampala, on Tuesday.

According to Buye, Musoke informed him that his wife asked for permission to go and visit her parents two weeks ago but failed to return to him. His attempts to reach his wife, including phone calls, were ignored under the influence of her in-laws over the unpaid dowry.

Buye added that Musoke went into a nearby bar immediately after they got to Masaka district and took several beers, getting him intoxicated. Buye, the one in the driving seat, took only one beer so he could keep an eye on the road as they approached their destination.

Man strips
Man strips and swings dick at in-laws home after several beers amid dowry scandal

Upon arrival at the in-laws’ home, they were welcomed into the house. While inside, Musoke made the revelation that he had come for his wife because she had overstayed her visit to her parents.

Musoke was forced to calm his balls and he was told that his wife would not leave with him until he paid the required dowry. The sex-starved Ugandan man got annoyed, stood up, unzipped his trousers, and removed his cock. He swung his big dick asking his wife’s parents who would satisfy his sexual needs if they don’t allow their daughter to go with him.

The in-laws raised the alarm and villagers came to the scene to witness his audacity. However, some villagers could not stand Musoke and they flogged him before dragging him into their vehicle, ordering Buye to take him home.

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