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5 Reasons Why Men Should Avoid Single Mothers

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Single Mothers, they are common these days. For many men out there its a common reality with them being parented by a single mother. For many others they choose to be in a relationship with them giving them a second chance at love. On paper it seems like a great idea with them being able to help their loved ones in ways they could never imagine. But in reality this is probably the biggest mistake a man can make.

Yes, The Single Mothers Need You to Be Daddy but Don’t Replace Her Baby Daddy!

The main reason most men want to keep a single mother is that they think they are vulnerable and need help. That’s some bullshit! A single mom has developed a dominant side and depending on how her previous relationship ended, she could be at fault or not. Dating a single mum could easily feel like getting jailed for a crime you did not commit. Be careful since she could have been the toxic and manipulative partner in her previous relationship.

Here are the top five reasons why you should not date a single mother: 

No Trust 

Her previous relationship must have got her scarred to a point that she does not want to focus on anyone but herself and her kids. This lack of trust from failed relationships will make her study your every move, becoming more of an investigator than a partner. She could subconsciously be scared of you. 


Unlike most gold diggers, these women have a greater need to have financial stability for the sake of their kids. Everything to them becomes a tool and she could use your love and attraction to her, and you will be exploited as a slave. Other than money, she is also in need of a man in her life, masculine support is underrated. Remember that her kid(s) will always come first. Become a simp and you will end up doing most chores and picking up her kids from school as she goes wherever she likes. 

There’s always a Reason why her Previous Relationship Ended

Well, she could have been the good one in her previous relationship. But if not, and her husband left her, you are also about to find out why. As soon as you notice some negative traits about her, then you have to be careful and must let her go if it’s something she had hidden for too long. Her toxic behavior towards men will also harm you just as much as the man you replaced if you ignore the red flags. She will never tell her ex’s faults and will always want to appear perfect. 

It is way Too Complicated

A self-imposed lie you could tell yourself is that she is perfect and could just be the right one for you. A perfect relationship is when no one interferes between the two of you. In this case, her kids will always be the barrier between the two of you. Sometimes she won’t give up the box, just because the kids haven’t slept yet. You are quite patient, but sure enough one of your heads will always want to rule. Especially if you are a young man, better start from a clean slate or else you will just be a toyboy. Focus on self-improvement. 

Single mothers

She Turned Masculine 

This woman was forced to raise children on her own and being alone her masculinity must have developed more and she became a strong dominant figure in the home. How are you to expect this kind of woman to submit? You will be dominated and feminized and you will be a weak man. 


Single mothers are a blessing for their determination and hard work to keep the family moving. They love their kids and will always put them first in their priorities. However, as controversial as this may be, unless you are completely dominant in her life, do not get yourself involved without reaching your full potential as a man. You will kiss her ass, anytime she wants! 

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