Ugandan Man Gets Relatives Beaten After Failing to Impress In-laws

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More Money Less Problems! Poor Ugandan Man Fails to Impress In-laws Leading to Embarrassment

A group of 15 women and men who had escorted a Ugandan man to his pre-wedding ceremony were severely beaten for taking a handful of items to the future in-laws.

Edward Labula 34, a casual laborer fell in love with Esther Namogo, a matron in a secondary school in the central Uganda district of Mukono. However, Labula had not told Namogo that he is a casual worker because whenever he met her in a restaurant, hotel, lodge, or any other place he was always very smart.

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He always refused to take her to his home whenever she requested him to take her there.

After getting engaged for over a year Namogo suggested that they get officially married. She requested Labula to visit her parents and introduce himself as her future husband.

In Namogo’s tribe traditions, the pre-wedding introduction ceremony is a big respected occasion where the husband-to-be shows that he has the capacity to look after her future wife.

He is supposed to take many gifts to the parents and relatives of his future wife and also pay dowry. Because they expect much from the man’s side they spend a lot of money in preparing the ceremony by buying a goat, several chickens, rice, and other food to prepare a befitting meal for the group of the visiting group of people.

In most cases in such ceremonies, the husband-to-be takes gifts like cows, goats, sofa sets, crates of soda, bags of sugar, rice, plenty of salt, and reasonable cash to the parents of his future wife.

Labula went with 15 people and was welcomed warmly. Speeches took place and meals were served. When the time came to give in presents, some of Labula’s people went to one of the vehicles and brought out 5 kilograms of sugar, one crate of soda, and 6 kilos of meat. They also gave 300,000 Ugandan Shillings to the woman’s parents.

This annoyed the relatives of Namogo and the villagers who had turned up for the ceremony. They caned Labula and all the people he had gone with accusing them of taking a handful of items yet a lot of money had been spent to organize the introduction ceremony.  They fled and more on this will follow, subscribe to Erotic Africa- Africa’s Leading Adult Blog.

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