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Ugandan Man Arrested After Defiling Biological Daughters

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Underaged Girls Fucked by Ugandan Man- Their Father!

EroticAfrica sources report that the Police have arrested a 35-year-old Ugandan man who has been allegedly defiling his two biological daughters.

The man in custody is known as James Biryareeba, a businessman residing in Biina zone, Luzira, Nakawa division, in Kampala. As reported by TheObserver, James claims that he is being framed by his own children. From the Kitintale police station, where the case was first reported, Biryabarema maintained his earlier claims of innocence while giving a statement to detectives at the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Unit of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID).

James was arrested over the weekend after his two children reported to Zainab Mirembe, the Biina Zone secretary for women affairs, that they were sick of their biological father abusing them sexually.

Zainab said, “The girls came to me saying they no longer want to stay at their home. I asked them why and they told me that their father has been sexually abusing them.”

The girls had been sexually violated multiple times, according to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, who cited the results of the medical examination. Investigations into the entire situation are still going on, though. Biryabarema was also given a mental evaluation by detectives to determine his degree of consciousness.

Fred Enanga noted that the defiled children are aged 15 and 17 years. He added, “Victims have been examined and also found to have been defiled. The father has been medically examined and has been found to be very normal. Intrafamilial sex is very common. We urge the public that whenever they see early warning signs of sexual abuse, they should always alert the police.”

While addressing journalists at Uganda police headquarters in Kampala on Friday, Enanga said that preliminary investigations have revealed that the man has been defiling the children for over two years.

He said after getting tired of being abused sexually the girls reported to one of their teachers at Kitintale primary school where they studied from.

Enanga thanked the girls for being courageous and reporting their father for defiling them.


Six charges have been slapped against Biryabarema, including incest, two counts of aggravated defilement, and threats of violence against his own children. A person who commits aggravated defilement violates sections 129 (3) and (4) (a) of The Penal Code Act. For one to be convicted, the prosecution must show that the victim was younger than 14 years old, that a sexual act was committed against her, and that the suspect was the one who committed the crime.

Police officials from the CID’s sexual and gender-based violence unit are providing accommodation and counseling for the adolescents. The children have lived with their father for more than three years, according to detectives, but the location of the children’s mother has not been disclosed.

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